AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE)


The Clubhouse (AfterCare) is an after-school extended day program for students in grades Preschool-Grade 5. The program runs daily during the school year from dismissal until 6:15 pm. Each day students have different activities that include drama, sports, music, and art with opportunities for homework help, indoor games, or outdoor play. Our faculty are comprised of Lower School teachers and a wonderful staff. We make everyday a fun day for the children.

2017–2018 TERMS:

  • FALL (TERM 1): SEPT 5 – DEC 15, 2017
  • WINTER (TERM 2): JAN 2 – MARCH 16, 2018
  • SPRING (TERM 3): APRIL 2 – JUNE 7, 2018

FEES Clubhouse (AfterCare) fees cover costs from the time of dismissal to 6:15 p.m., including all Clubhouse (AfterCare) classes, snack, and materials. Financial aid is available at the same percentage as a family’s tuition financial aid grant. Parents are billed by the Business Office each term.

The following is the per term cost for 2017-2018 Clubhouse (AfterCare) Open registration period beginning Friday, August 10 is on a rolling basis: $45 per day. Open registration for Clubhouse (AfterCare) is ongoing throughout the year. Drop-In: $50 per day.

PICK UP Parents pick up their children in the Lower School multipurpose room. Students are signed out through our electronic sign-out system and are assigned a pin number to access the system. Students are not allowed to leave unless with a parent or an authorized caregiver. Children are not dismissed without parental consent. If a student is taking a late bus, the child will be escorted to the bus by 6:30 PM.

DROP-INS Students are brought to Clubhouse (AfterCare) when parents are running late or unable to pick up their child directly at dismissal. There is a $50 per day fee for coverage and students can stay until 6:15 pm. There is no pro-rated fee for this service.

DROP OFF Upon dismissal, any students not under the direct supervision of a caretaker or parent, or has pre-registered to attend, must check into Clubhouse (AfterCare). Children are escorted by their classroom teachers to the Lower School Multipurpose room to sign-in.

Clubhouse (AfterCare) Includes the following: 

  • A healthy snack, plus supervised play.
  • Homework Club  (Grades 1-5) Daily from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm ur very popular Homework Club is an important component of our AfterCare program and is taught by D-E Lower School faculty.
  • A variety of interesting activities for children (Preschool – Grade 5) AfterCare activities include: Book Club, Bootcamp for Fitness, Dalcroze Music and Movement, Moving and Grooving, Snacktivities, Sports Basics, Storybook Drama, and Zumba for Kids.
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Enrichment Specialty Classes

Enrichment Specialty Classes are fun ways for students to learn and play with their friends after school. Our faculty are dedicated educators who are passionate about sharing their expertise with your children to help them to try something new, pursue their interests, and develop their talents further. All Enrichment Elective Classes are from 4:00-5:00 pm


ENROLLMENT All courses have a minimum and maximum enrollment. Courses are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Enroll early so that your child gets his/her first choice. If a course is at capacity, the class will be closed and you will not be able to enroll your child for that course. If minimum enrollment is not met, the class will be closed and you will be refunded. Enrichment fees cover costs from the time of dismissal to the end of class, including snack, playtime and course materials. Children enrolled in Enrichment classes may join Clubhouse activities at the end of class at no additional charge.

PICK UP Parents pick up their children in the Lower School Multipurpose room. Students are signed out through our electronic sign-out system and are assigned a pin number to access the system. Students are not allowed to leave unless with a parent or an authorized caregiver. Children are dismissed with parental consent.


  • BASKETBALL Mondays for Grades: Kindergarten-3rd Grade Instructor: T2S Basketball Academy Learning basic rules, concepts, court layout, and player positions is great fun for this age group. The rules of basketball are fairly easy to learn. However, for the younger players, some rules can be easily forgotten. We’ll develop beginning skills and application of the rules of the game through active play. Each session will also cover ball handling, proper shooting technique, footwork, and defensive/offensive strategies. Coaches will focus on individual skills as well as team play in a fun and nurturing environment.
  • CHESS CLUB Wednesdays for Grades: Kindergarten-5th Grade è 1hr. 15 min. class Instructor: Saudin Robovic (Owner and Instructor of NYChess Kids) NYChessKids is one of the largest youth chess programs in the tri-state region. Their mission is to spread the love of the game as well as develop a child’s mind with advanced logistical gaming skills. Come explore the foundations of chess strategy. Chess is a fun way to improve skill in planning, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and general learning aptitude. This class offers many opportunities for collaboration, encourages sportsmanship, confidence, and goal setting in a supportive learning environment. Please note, the cost for this course is $550.
  • CODING BASICS Wednesdays for Grades: 3rd-5th Grade Instructor: Chris Fleischl (Dwight-Englewood Technology Faculty) Children will learn how to code to create games, stories and animations using Scratch and other programming Apps for the Ipad. This class will be fun, engaging, and interactive as students learn basic programming language and develop a foundation for technological explorations.
  • FLAG FOOTBALL Fridays for Grades: 1st-3rd Grade Instructor: James Byrne (Athletic Director for DE Summer Connections) Calling all boys and girls. Do you love to play football? Come join us for this fun athletic challenge to learn the rules of football without tackling your opponents. Your child will learn basic strategic elements of the game while running, improving motor skills, refining agility and learning.
  • ROBOTICS Tuesdays for Grades: 1st-5th Grade Instructors: Christine Nicolau and Chris Fleischl (Dwight-Englewood Technology Faculty) Come use your imagination to build, design and animate objects. In this class, children learn to build and program birds that turn and sing, an alligator that opens and closes its mouth, a drumming monkey and more. **All materials are included in the cost of the program.
  • RUNNING CLUB Tuesdays for Beginner level Grades: 3rd-5th Grade è Instructor: Michael Rodenbush (DE 4th Grade Teacher) and Thursdays for Intermediate-Advanced levels in Grades: 3rd-5th Grade Instructor: Ronda Sowa (DE 4th Grade Teacher) Running Club is a fun way to make new friends, set attainable goals, build stamina and endurance, and be a supportive team member, while exploring the beautiful Dwight-Englewood campus. With teamwork and encouragement, children set personal and team goals daily, monitor their progress and feel a sense of pride as they achieve those goals. Some children aim to complete a 5K! Children and families are welcome to register for local 5K races that Ms. Sowa is able to run, to guide and encourage them to reach their goal. Happy Running!
  • SEWING Mondays for Grades: 2nd-5th Grade Learn the basics of hand sewing, and make your own monster backpack or mini-me! We will start with sewing funky patches, including special circuit patches, and work your way to creating your own specially designed backpack or doll. No experience necessary.
  • TENNIS Tuesdays, 3:00 to 3:45 PM for Beginner level Grade: Preschool Tuesday, 4:00 to 5:00 PM and Intermediate-Advanced levels for Grades: Kindergarten-5th Grade In partnership with Tsolak Gevorkian and his coaching team, D-E 360° is introducing a Tennis Academy to the ACE 2017-2018 offerings. For beginners, students will enjoy the basic activities and games designed to facilitate the movement and positioning tennis requires as well as to develop an understanding of how to compete and score through games with simplified scoring. For Intermediate level players, the second stage for the younger players focuses on stroke and more advanced skill development. Shot control and point building is introduced during games as well as technical and tactical aspects of the game.

Enrichment Elective Class Schedule

  • Monday
    • Basketball (K-3rd)
    • Sewing (2-5th)
  • Tuesday
    • Robotics (K-5th)
    • Running Club (3rd-5th) Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced
    • Tennis (pre-k through 5th)
  • Wednesday
    • Chess Club (K-5th) 3:45-5:00 pm
    • Coding (4th -5th)
  • Thursday
    • Running Club (3rd-5th) Intermediate-Advanced
  • Friday
    • Flag Football (1st-3rd)

*Classes and schedule are subject to change

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PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS Families signing up for a full year of AfterCare before September 2017 may elect to pay in monthly installments. All payments will be billed through the Dwight-Englewood business office. All payments must be received before the end of each term. Cancellations for AfterCare and Enrichment registrations must be made in writing to Jeannie Wei A 100% refund will be made if we receive written notification two weeks prior to the start of the term. A 50% charge will be incurred if a student drops AfterCare enrollment or an Enrichment Elective Class on or after the first two weeks of the term. After that, there are no refunds. Fees for classes added after the beginning of the term will be prorated. Additional information regarding policies can be found on our website:

REGISTRATION AND FEES Registration for Enrichment Specialty Classes is available starting Thursday, August 10, 2017 and will close on the first day of class. Go to CampBrain to register online. Note that Enrichment Specialty Classes are by Term and the cost is $450 per class unless otherwise indicated. If parents would like for their children to stay for AfterCare after each class, there will be no additional charge.

FIELD TRIPS Children have the opportunity for an extended playdate with their classmates on specified days when school is not in session. These trips are a fun part of our programming that take our children on an adventure beyond the Dwight-Englewood campus. Additional fees apply.


  • October 23 Abma’s Farm, Wyckoff, NJ
  • December 8 NY Botanical Gardens’ Holiday Train Show, Bronx, NY
  • February 20 Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ

*Field Trips are subject to change based on enrollment and availability.

REGISTRATION Registration for all programs is done online through our online system. Go to CampBrain to register online. If you would like to register your child for Clubhouse for the full year, this option is available. Please contact us at 201-227-3144 for more information.