13 Jul


Raising Awareness of Our Connection with Nature. And The Power of Imagination.

Hello Families! Welcome to week 3 in Yoga.

This week we had fun using our imagination to create a sense of peace, joy, safety and gratitude for our bodies and nature!

We did fun activities and breathing techniques to foster a sense of connection between us and Nature.
This gives children an outlet for creativity while learning to self-regulate and conjure positive emotions and thoughts.

My hope is to teach children at an early age to develop their own harmonious innerworld so that going into adolescence and beyond they have the tools to co-create an overall happier, kinder, more productive life.

Namaste…Love and Light
Ms. Jodi

06 Jul


Namaste & Hello Families! Welcome to Week 2 in Yoga. This week we worked on body awareness. Yoga helps create awareness in the body through deep breathing and movement.  It gives kids a way to express themselves, build a strong connection between what they hear and what they do. When we string a series of age appropriate yoga poses together, we give kids a taste of what it means to move with ease.

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you☺

29 Jun


Namaste Yoga – Week 1

Hello families! I really enjoyed meeting all of our campers this week. It was awesome to see some familiar faces. Regular Yoga promotes a healthy body through poses that strengthen and build coordination. This week in Yoga we focused on our breathing… Pranayama. When we teach breathing exercises to children, we give them lifelong tools to help them develop techniques to soothe them and self-regulate their energy. Ask your child about… Bunny Breath – “ I breathe in quick – sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff – I breathe out ocean breath slow! There we go!

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you

Ms. Madison

05 Aug

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry

Mandalas and Mantras!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures campers will explore some show tunes to open the voice and create a fun and active yoga class! The high energy songs will then be in contrast to our end-of-class, relaxing songs where the body learns to slow itself down . We will exaggerate the slowness to teach the body how to rejuvenate the nervous system and discuss other calming methods to bring the body into a relaxation state / mind control method.
  • Adventurers will also learn the difference between mandalas and mantras. Campers will make their own mantras to make room for some new and expansive thoughts of how they see themselves!
28 Jul

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry

Expressing our Souls!

  • In Yoga during the week of August 1, our Adventures campers will listen for the chime and then “strike a pose” with yoga! Our campers will go with the flow as they see what their body wants to say.
  • Adventures campers will also be exploring their emotions with poses and body language, through the sharing of stories!
21 Jul

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry 

Time for a Yoga Story!

  • During the week of July 25, Adventures campers can look forward to acting out several short cultural stories that will help us to express ourselves, and teach us to work together!
  • Campers will also create some of their own original yoga stories and act them out during class. It’s time to put on your yoga thinking hats and acting skills, and get ready to have fun!


14 Jul

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry

Learning About our Rhythm in Life!

  • During the week of July 18 our Adventures campers in Yoga will focus on games, both slow-moving and fast, and we will learn how to slow down our ‘clocks’ in our bodies, and our rhythm in life  — through breathing, calming, and imaginative exercises.
  • We also look forward to a fun feather game, in which our campers will learn how to use feathers and the mind to calm their senses, and how to use their intuition to make guesses.
30 Jun

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry: 

Finding joy and power!

Next week we look forward to the following:

  • Children will learn rainforest and jungle animals poses that will teach how each animals have special abilities that help them survive.
  • Students will choose an animal to identify with and learn the innate abilities of that animal through meditation and intuition exercises. Songs from the jungle will help inspire our individual powers and our power animals to come through in class and throughout our lives at school, home, and elsewhere.
  • Affirmations like We are brave: We are bold: I am will help us be stronger in who we are as individuals.