28 Jul

A Summer 2016 Olympics Preview Presentation; Enrichment “Sizzles”; Discoveries & Adventures Highlights!

In the photo above: D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) Enrichment Theater campers show-off their newly-honed dramatic skills and talents in a recent “Summer Showcase”!  Each Friday offers a new set of Summer Showcase events. See below for this week’s offerings!

Friday, July 29: Enjoy a Summer 2016 Olympics “Preview” Presentation!

All D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) parents/guardians, SC campers’ siblings, and friends are welcome to enjoy a day of special presentations on Friday, July 29, by the Durkan Fencing Academy.  The Durkan Fencing Academy proudly boasts a team of athletes who will be competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio! The two special presentations are scheduled as follows:

  • Lower School Gym, Drapkin Hall – 10:00 AM 
  • Silberfein Gym, Modells Sports Complex  – 11:15 AM 

2016 Summer Olympian Epee Fencer Jason Pryor will join his coach, Christian Rivera, as well as coaches Jed Dupree and Patrick Durkan to demonstrate the sport of Fencing for our SC campers of all ages and their families, before they leave to compete in Rio! They are also bringing in special equipment so that the audience can indeed participate in the presentation.

The  team is lead by three Elite Fencing Coaches: Patrick Durkan (sabre), Christian Rivera (epee) and Jed Dupree (foil). All are former NCAA fencers and US Team Members with National and International competition and coaching experience. Coaches Dupree (2012 London) and Rivera (2016 Rio) are both Olympic Coaches.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.14.31 PM

2016 Olympic Epee Coach Christian Rivera, 2016 Olympic Epee Fencer Jason Pryor, 2004 Olympic Foil Fencer & 2012 Olympic Foil Coach Jed Dupree and Six-time National Champion Sabre Fencer Patrick Durkan.

For more information about the Durkan Fencing Academy click here or go to:  www.durkanfencing.com

LIVE! Summer Showcase Events on Friday, July 29 

Families and friends are invited and encouraged to attend the following end-of-session “Summer Showcase” events from our SC Enrichment campers, also on Friday, July 29:

  • “The Debate!” – Should Donald Trump be President of the United States?/ Is Pokemon GO a negative influence on children? / Should there be Stricter Gun Control Laws?  11:00 AM – Hajjar Auditorium 
  • “Design Diva – Fashion Show” – 12:00 PM – Hajjar Auditorium
  • “Young Visionaries Showcase Exhibition and Reception” – 3:30 PM – Swartley Arts Center Gallery & Ceramics Room

Enrichment Sessions “Sizzle” this Summer 2016!

Students in Grades 5-12 have the opportunity through D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) to fully enrich their summer with dozens of intriguing, exciting, even sizzling (note our “Junior Chef ” feature below!) Enrichment Program sessions. Geology – The Study of the Earth; Picture Stories; The Beat Goes On; and The Solar System are just some of the MANY fascinating classes that will be taking place during the week of August 1.  Click here  to learn more and register online today, but hurry!  Many Enrichment sessions have only a few openings left.

Discoveries & Adventures Highlights:  SuperHeroes “Theme Thursday” and Field Trip Fun!

Earlier this week our youngest campers in the SC Discoveries & Adventures program enjoyed “Theme Thursday” as SuperHeroes!  Inspired by learning about the possible “heroes” of the Summer 2016 Olympics (and heroes of Olympics past), this week all the children were encouraged to wear their superheroes  apparel and accessories, and our SC teachers and staff joined in on the fun too.  Po (aka KungFu Panda); Batman; Batgirl; Superman… these are just a few of our “superhero sightings”!

Field trip fun is another weekly fixture for our Adventures campers.  The photos below are just a few from an off-campus outing to the Turtle Back Zoo! For more photos and further details on the Discoveries & Adventures goings-on, check out the “D&A Weekly Updates” posts, all located above right and/or below (on your mobile device)!

Enrichment Jr. Chefs Enjoy The Breakfast Club!

Earlier this week our Jr. Chefs Enrichment campers learned how to make some delicious french toast kebabs! You too can follow these simple steps to start your morning right. (Thanks to Jr. Chef teacher Ms. Johns for providing this tasty recipe!).

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.45.59 PM

 Here’s What You’ll Need:

 3 Eggs

3/4 Cups of Milk

1/4 Cup of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon butter (For the pan)

10 Strawberries

1 Banana

1/2 Cup of Blueberries

Let’s Start Cooking!

Step 1: Whisk the eggs in a pie plate or shallow bowl. Add the milk and cinnamon and whisk until it’s all mixed together.

Step 2: Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Melt a pat of butter in the pan and spread it around.

Step 3: Dip both sides of each slice of bread into the egg mixture.

Step 4: Add the slices to the pan and cook on the bottom. Flip each slice and cook the other side, then transfer to a cutting board.

Step 5: Cut the French toast into 1- to 2- inch squares. Cut the strawberries in half and slice the banana into 1/2- inch rounds.

Step 6: Slide a piece of French toast, a strawberry half, a slice of banana, and a blueberry onto a skewer. Continue until the skewer is full. Repeat to make more kebabs.

Step 7: Serve with maple syrup for dipping or confectioners’ sugar for sprinkling.

Follow these steps and you’ll have delicious kebabs in no time! 🙂 

Welcome to D-E 360!

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