03 Aug

Adventures Group 5

South America is the fourth-largest continent made up of 12 independent countries and three territories. Together we read the following picture books to learn about the South American cultures:  A True Book South America by Libby Koponen, Exploring Continents South Americaby Alexis Roumanis, Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood, The Magic Bean Tree A Legend From Argentina by Nancy Van Laan, Love and Roast Chicken A Trickster Tale From the Andes Mountains by Barbara Knutson, and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

Each student designed a small plate with a creative designs and instruments from recycled materials just like children in Paraguay created in Ada’s Violin.  We are enjoying traveling with James to a life of fun and adventure as we complete reading James and the Giant Peach during siesta.

We enjoyed spending the past six summer weeks with your children.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!!

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