05 Aug

Adventures: Spanish/Drama/Cooking

by Ms. Sandra Buritica

¡Hola Amigos!

  • This week Adventures campers in Spanish will learn how to say and read the numbers 0-20 in Spanish, skip count to 50 “cincuenta” and learn the numbers 100 “cien” and 1,000 “mil”.
  • In Drama we’ll play charades with the vocabulary theme words for Animals in the farm “Los Animales de la Granja” and common places and careers in the community “La comunidad”.
  • In Cooking,  we will make mini pizzas and continue learning words associated with baking, cooking and being courteous in Spanish (mezcla, echar, maza, chocolate, vainilla, queso, limonada, agua, por favor y gracias – mix, pour, dough, chocolate, vanilla, cheese, lemonade, water, please and thank you).  We will also create Tasty Torches made from rice crispies and sugar cones!

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