26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 1 Update 

Campers embraced Our World Beyond as they learned about the planets and created their planet in a galaxy far away. The planets have characteristics of the planets in the solar system, as well as some unique qualities.

We made alien headbands and learned an alien dance. Some campers invented an alien language and added words to their headbands.

We learned about constellations and had an opportunity to stargaze with our handmade telescopes.  We enjoyed the planetarium at The Hudson Museum as this further developed our understanding of the world beyond.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 2 Update 

I was up all night wondering where the Sun had gone… then it dawned on me. Ha! But seriously, folks…Week 5 of Camp Adventures has flown by, just like the rest of our summer at D-E 360°! This week, students in Group 2 blasted off into the solar system and learned about the planets and the Earth’s moon. We had a blast at the Planetarium at the Hudson River Museum on Wednesday—it was a beautiful day for a field trip.  For those of you who are leaving us this Friday: I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your summer! For those who are returning for week 6, I hope to see you next Wednesday at the family event where we will explore Our Fantasy World: Fairy Tales, Magic, and Myths.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Groups 3 Update

Group 3 had a blast exploring the galaxy. We read and discovered facts about the planets and replicated our favorite one. After reading about aliens, Group 3 created their own alien spaceship to fly around. On the field trip to the Hudson River Museum, students enjoyed the planetarium and visited the earth, moon, and sun. They also created and launched rockets! Finally to celebrate Camp Kindness Day, Group 3 spun the kindness wheel to choose how they would spread kindness at DE. What an amazing week!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 4 Update 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!!

What an exciting week we had unlocking our door to Outer Space.

Group 4 loved learning all about the Apollo 11 Mission in honor of its 50th Anniversary. 

We started off the week learning about foreshortening-a technique used in perspective to create the illusion of an object floating in space. 

Our DIY astronaut helmet was one of the highlights of our adventure through space. 

Come check out our Astronaut Portrait exhibit.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 5 Update

Together we read the following picture books to learn more about the amazing space around the planet earth. How Are Stars Born? By Greg Roza, A True Book The Moon by Christine Taylor Butler, A True Book The Sun by Christine Taylor Butler, What is an Eclipse? By Michael Portman, A True Book Constellations by F. S. Kim, and Margaret and the Moon How Margaret Hamilton Saved The First Lunar Landing by Dean Robbins. Each student designed a moveable rover and straw rockets. We designed our own model of the planets in our classroom. During siesta we are relaxing and listening to Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 6 Update

This week, Group Six explored outer space with several group discussions and activities.  The 50th Anniversary of the moon landing kicked off the week. Moon landing fun facts were shared and discussed.  They also explored the solar system by constructing a model of the solar system with all the planets revolving around the sun. The finished products went up on the group bulletin board for all to see.   Group Six also followed up on the lunar presentation they saw on their field trip at the Hudson River Museum Planetarium with a project on the phases of the moon. Each person created a spinning diagram of the 8 different phases of the moon. Everyone did a great job all week long. 

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Art – Discoveries Update

To Infinity and Beyond!  Discoveries Art blasted off this week into outer space.  Blue friends worked together to make a mural of our galaxy.  They worked diligently over a few days to paint the sun, planets, and constellations after researching their size, color, and distance from the Sun of each planet.  Yellow and Red friends created their own moon rocks with model magic, astronauts, and moon with bubble paint. They also enjoyed ¨cloud writing” with shaving cream on the tables.  All the children reflected on their favorite moments this summer with their friends and made a camp memory coaster out of tile. As we fly into next week, itś sure to be a Happily Ever After!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Music Update

This week we traveled to outer space with a rocket ship countdown song that helped us sing in time together and blast off (dance) in time with the music, moving like astronauts would on the moon. We also gave the students a chance to lead the name game we learned, getting a chance to teach their friends patterns they made so that we could keep the new beat together.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Bodies in Motion Update

This week in Bodies in Motion, our Discoveries and Adventures campers had a blast experiencing multiple engaging activities and cooperative games that supported their learning about our solar system and outer space. The students collaborated together and used effective communication when racing around space and collecting fuel for their rocket ship in order to make it back home during one of the games. They used words of encouragement and gave positive feedback as they worked together while participating during Alien Tag and Aliens vs Astronauts. Our friends also worked closely together as they maneuvered a huge, yellow exercise ball around the gym floor in order to represent our very own sun in space.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Yoga Update

This week in Yoga we focused on… Stretching and lengthening your Muscles.

It’s great for kids to be strong, but a body that’s only based on strength has no way to yield under pressure. Strong muscles without accompanying flexibility can’t move quickly, pulling on bones and joints. Yoga poses stretch muscles and through integrating breathing and movement, muscles become warm and become more flexible. They can yield when they need to, and support tender joints in a more functional way.
The children enjoyed various yoga poses based on our space theme for the week. They even had the opportunity to make up their own cosmic yoga poses.

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you☺

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Spanish/Drama/Cooking Update

¡Hola familias! This week in Spanish Drama, we explored the Star Wars universe and acted out our favorite characters and scenes from the movies. The kids loved learning about the characters from the galaxy far beyond! We learned new Spanish words and how to form sentences in Spanish too! Lastly, Señora Harrison, the TAs, and the kids had a dance off where they showed off their favorite space dance moves. The kids were far out!

In Cooking this week, we explored the frozen galaxy of the Locos, Chef Loco’s home planet. Chef Loco and her Adventure friends made a crazy frozen treat, fried ice cream. We rolled our ice cream balls that Chef Loco flash froze and then rolled it in fried Corn Flakes that had cinnamon on it. ¡Muy delicioso! The kids went crazy adding their favorite toppings; chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, fruit loops, and cocoa pebbles! The Discoveries classes enjoyed making and decorating their own ice cream cone cupcakes while visiting the frozen galaxy of the Locos. This was one cool week in Chef Loco’s cooking class.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Exploratorium Update

In the Exploratorium the Campers have a choice of experiments and equipment that let them explore the science around them with hands-on activities using common household materials. This week the campers investigated gravity and flight with experiments using water and air. While some made rockets and launchers, other campers figured out the best way to drop an egg safely to the floor below. Another group of campers wanted to see which model paper airplane design flew the farthest, and many of the campers made running fans with motors and batteries. Many of the campers also spent some time exploring nature by chasing butterflies and inspecting worms.

19 Jul

D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/19/2019

Join us this summer

D-E 360° View
Summer Notes Edition

Despite this week’s unusually high temperatures, our Week 4 campers had myriad opportunities to beat the heat and learn boldly with new experiences in the arts, athletics, cooking, debate, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more. Some campers enjoyed all-day immersives, and were given an in-depth experience like no other in a specialty of their choice. For students looking for more variety in their day, they picked three separate classes with roots in athletics, arts, or STEM.

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Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Young Visionaries

Over the past two weeks in Young Visionaries, students explored using different mediums and techniques to create beautiful pieces of art. Students utilized watercolor and acrylic paint, made collages, sculptures, and more. With supportive teachers helping them along the way, students were pushed out of their comfort zones to make unique works of art. On Friday, the art pieces filled the Drapkin Hall Dining Hall and were admired by spectators.

Explosive Science

Through this immersive, student gained hand-on experience with aerodynamics and chemistry. They performed experiments like elephant toothpaste and the egg drop. Students also got to visit The Liberty Science Center halfway into the week. They learned about basic science principles in exciting and new ways!

Dance Fusion

Students practiced routines inspired by ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, martial arts, and Zumba. During their warm-ups, they practiced stretching to develop balance, strength, and posture. They danced to popular songs, further developed their skills as dancers and athletes, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Vegetable Gardening & Cooking

Not only did students get to learn about important concepts related to sustainable cultivation practices and garden work activities, but they got to put them into action. They would spend the first half of the class in the extensive vegetable garden at Dwight-Englewood, and then they learned how to cook and prepare what they harvested.


This week, students were taught the art of woodworking. After instructions on how to be precise and accurate and use tools such as saws, hammers, chisels, students were then encouraged to use their imaginations to construct creative yet durable pieces of furniture.

Discoveries & Adventures, and
Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored the world of modern technology. Students discussed the meaning, importance, and application of technology in today’s society. They learned about the “language” used by computers and practiced coding. On Wednesday, the Adventures took a trip to the Meadowlands Environmental Center to learn about the preservation of our environment. The theme this Thursday was “Career Day,” so students came dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Every student enjoyed waterplay during this hot week.

For more in-depth overviews from each of our groups in Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp, visit https://de360.d-e.org/summer/discoveries-and-adventures/ or click here!

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2019 Theme Keys Opening Doorways to New Worlds

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19 Jul

Introduction from Director Lisa Brown and Assistant Director Stacey Carella

The Adventures campers had a wonderful week exploring Our Future World through hands-on math and science applications.  They explored ozobots and circuits, engaged in STEM challenges, and participated in coding courses and experiences. Campers also worked on cracking binary and numerical codes and even created their own secret messages. The week was enhanced with a trip to Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey where campers in Groups 1- 4 learned about the importance of alternative wind and water energy experiments and Groups 5 and 6 completed a full day course on sustainable design where they researched, planned, and created their own sustainable homes.  

This week our Discoveries and Junior Day campers advanced into the world of technology and coding.  The children engaged in hands-on learning activities that encouraged them to grow, explore, and discover science and technology concepts.  Our special presenter, Mr. David Vieira, showed the children how circuits are a fun way to learn and explore the basics of electricity. By using Play-Doh, the children were able to create sculptures with embedded lights and buzzers.  Additionally, our Discoveries and Junior Day campers learned and discussed the science behind bubbles, while reading a story Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop by Mark Weakland. Together, with the Suez Water Company, the kids followed a recipe to create a bubble solution.   They also constructed their very own wands and went outside for a bubble blowing party! Blowing bubbles is such a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed just about anywhere! Not only is it fun to do, but there are lots of ways that exploring bubbles can engage kids in concepts related to math, science, and engineering.  The kids had a blast blowing and catching bubbles!   

We can’t wait for our launch to Our World Beyond!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Discoveries Red Group Update

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group navigated our way through the digital world and explored technology and coding. We read aloud “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle to launch our discovery of patterns and sequencing. We focused on observing, determining, and completing patterns with various objects and colors. Our friends were also introduced to the first steps of coding by playing with arrows and direction in order to experiment with patterns and sequence to reach a destination. We learned how to count and move through our grid, taking turns being the “computer” and “programmer.” The Red Group is over the moon to blast off into next week as we learn all about space and the solar system!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

This week the yellow group loved discovering the world of technology and coding. We learned how computers are machines that follow instructions and we practiced being computers and following instructions with games like “Computer says…”. We learned about how binary code is the language of computers and how the only numbers in it are zeros and ones. So that we could learn some binary code we made bracelets with the binary code version of our first initials! We even learned a binary code song! Patterns were also a big part of our week and we practiced making patterns with a variety of materials. The Yellow group is excited to spend next week exploring outer space!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Discoveries Blue Group Update

This week, the Blue Group ventured into Our Future World! The campers learned how to use patterns and their number sense to understand the world around them. They were able to make connections to patterns inside and outside the classroom. The campers used their knowledge of patterns to make predictions about the weather and gain more insight about animals and the natural world. As the week progressed, the campers extended their knowledge about patterns and building structures. While building with legos and K’nex pieces, the campers further developed their problem solving and communication skills. The campers also worked in partnerships to construct musical instruments, miniature houses, vehicles, and animals. After virtually returning back to the year 2019, the campers considered which jobs they might pursue in the future. On career day, the Blue Group campers came to Summer Connections dressed as an array of occupations, including a prima ballerina, a movie director, a veterinarian, a dentist, a doctor, a Taekwondo instructor, and a member of the SWAT team to name a few! Next week, the campers will learn about Our World Beyond (Space & Solar Systems).

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 1 Update

This week Group 1 opened the door into Our Future World! As a group, we looked into what coding is and made our own coding bracelets for our friends to figure out what secret message they made with beads. We also created our own robots and found out how helpful robots are to humans. Each of our campers named their robots which brought out their creative side. Lastly our campers, learned about innovation and ways we can create our own ideas. Group one worked in teams building their own bridges with the use of popsicle sticks and cups. Group 1 had a fantastic week in our future world! We are looking forward to next week when we open the door to Our World Beyond!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

It’s been a busy week for Group 2 & 3 as they explored Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation. Students worked in stations to learn coding basics at code.org (a free site you can check out at home), created pathways and codes for Ozobots, investigated the basics of electricity through Snap Circuits, and completed STEM challenges. Our campers also listened to several read-alouds about famous women in the fields of math and technology. 

We’re blasting off next week into Our World Beyond: Space and Solar Systems.

Welcome to D-E 360!

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