19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 4 Update

What an exciting week. As we unlocked another door, we were amazed with all that we knew about our future world.

Group 4 was busy learning how to code. Thanks to our partnership with Hour of Code, we learned some of the basic fundamentals of coding and computer graphics.

Make sure to check out our live action movie trailer we created. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Thank You,
Group 4

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 5 Update

Computers are more than just games and files. It all begins with the binary number system which we learned includes two numbers 0 & 1. We wrote our names using the binary number system. Each student made secret decoders which were used to write “secret messages” to our friends. Everyone designed their own model which included the key components of a computer.Together we read the following books to learn more about computers including: The History of the Computer by Elizabeth Raum, How a Computer Is Made by Sam Aloian, Kids Get Coding Coding, Bugs, and Fixes by Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale, Coding with Blockly by Amber Lovett, Grace Hopper Queen of Computer Coding by Laurie Wallmark, Virtual-Reality Headsets by Valerie Bodden, and Kids Get Coding Online Safety For Coders by Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 6 Update

Group Six focused on codes. They discussed when codes have been used throughout history and how computers use them today. Each member of Group Six created their own secret code decoder and used it to solve several secret codes. They also created their own secret message for the class to solve.  The group then worked with binary codes. They discussed technology’s use of binary codes and solved several binary code riddles. 

After their trip to the Meadowlands Environmental Center and their work with sustainable energy, Group Six continued with this innovative topic by discussing and working on a few projects involving renewable energy sources. They all did a great job with their codes and projects!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Art -Discoveries Update

This week in Discoveries Art, campers took a trip to the year 3000. We used the “Aging Booth” app to see what we would look like! Campers then took a closer look using mirrors to create self portraits of what they look like today. We then had some fun guessing who was who with lots of laughs! Lastly, each group created a robot together using recycled materials. The blue group decided they wanted to make a chef robot to surprise Senora Harrison. They added a chef hat and an apron and ¨whisked¨ Senora away! We are excited to blast off into space next week!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Music Update

This week we worked on building more complex rhythms with the instruments by incorporating new elements to beats we previously worked on, we then added melody, using our voices, being sure to keep time with the beats. We sang and danced to Robot Friend and Power, two futuristic themed songs.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Bodies in Motion Update

This week in Bodies in Motion, our Discoveries and Adventures campers experienced multiple engaging activities and cooperative games that supported their learning about the uses of technology and coding. The students displayed effective communication while completing different team building activities. The students strategized, collaborated, and planned out ideas as they created a code for their “robot” to cross to the other side of the gym while trying to avoid all the tricky obstacles. They understood that each student played an important role while working together as a team. Our friends also encouraged each other as they participated in a variety of stretches, dances, and exercises.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Yoga Update

This week in Yoga we focused on teaching breathing calming techniques.

Just Breath

Young kids deal with frustration very differently than adults. However, when they learn proper, healthy breathing techniques and tools to focus the mind, they begin to learn how to apply those tools in their everyday lives and to react appropriately to any situation.

Yoga blends physical activity with breathwork and guided mindful activities to help children separate themselves from feeling stressed or anxious. Deep breathing exercises send signals to the brain telling it to relax. Yoga focuses on the present moment and encourages children to leave their thoughts and worries behind. With a relaxed body and mind children are better able to cope with their emotions, i.e. frustration, patience, sad, angry, excited.

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you

Ms. Madison

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Spanish/Drama/Cooking Update


¡Hola Familias! In Spanish/Drama, the Discovery students adorned costumes to portray superheroes! They had a ball posing and acting out their superhero fantasies! The Adventure students explored comedy! The children enjoyed participating in our comedy hour by each telling a joke. They also continued performing “Ricitos de Oro y los Tres Osos” (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) by acting out what happened when Goldilocks returned to the bear’s house. It has been another fabulous week in Spanish/Drama!


We welcomed the students to our imaginary “internet cafe” during this week of technology! The Discovery students created banana pudding parfait. The Adventure students each created a danish to enjoy “while exploring the world wide web.” They were able to choose from a variety of fillings to personalize their danish: apples, blueberries, strawberry jam, cheese, chocolate chips, and raisins. Topped of with powdered sugar, this treat was not one to be missed!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Exploratorium Update

In the Exploratorium, campers choose from a wide variety of investigations and experiments. This week, the campers made a motorized Scribble Bot and some even programmed a Dash robot. The children also made balloon rockets and some made kites that flew high in the sky! Others made parachutes for their gummy worms. Some campers made a telescope while others made a motorized vehicle with batteries and lights. Campers created and experimented endlessly with a variety of materials in the Exploratorium.

12 Jul

D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/12/2019

Join us this summer

D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition

What a wonderful Week 3 at D-E 360° Summer Connections! Our Enrichment campers continue to enjoy their ‘a la carte’ courses, ranging from Lotions & Potions to “The Verdict” and Volleyball! Our Immersive campers in “Heading For Broadway”, “Leadership & Community”, STEM Challenge, and other courses are enjoying their work with master-level faculty. See below for highlights. Limited space is still available in our Enrichment and Immersive offerings – but hurry, don’t delay. Register today, visit https://de360.d-e.org/summer/, or call 201-227-3177.

Click here for videos, highlights, and more!

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Heading For Broadway

Immersive campers in Heading For Broadway are enjoying a dynamic professional-level theatrical experience! Each day is filled with exciting core classes in acting, singing, movement, stagecraft, and theatre history. Students participate in real-life ‘rehearsal sessions’ of performance selections including solo songs, monologues, scenes and musical production numbers. The students also look forward to attending a matinee of the Broadway hit musical FROZEN!

Two outstanding, award-winning theatre educators are leading Heading For Broadway: John Giresi and Stephen Bell. Both have been educators at Bergen County schools for many years and their musical productions have won awards throughout the region: including the Paper Mill Rising Star Awards, the Metropolitan High School Theatre Awards, and the Student Theater Festival at the Bucks County Playhouse. Several of their students have gone on to successful careers on and off Broadway!

Heading For Broadway culminates in a final showcase performance on Friday, August 2, at 2:00 PM in Hajjar Auditorium in the Klein Campus Center. It’s not too late for aspiring performers to still join Heading For Broadway! Register online today here or visit https://de360.d-e.org/courses/heading-for-broadway-grades-7-9-2/. Deadline for registering is Wednesday, July 17.

STEM Challenge

Aspiring engineers and great problem solvers put their knowledge to the test in their immersive this week. They worked in project teams with skills like coding, 3D modeling, electronics, and design thinking. Students got to use the best tools available for learning electronics and design to create robots to travel through a designated course.


Through skill drills and game situations, campers learned to bump, set and spike! Whether this was their first time playing, or if they had more experience, everyone had fun. Coaches placed an emphasis on teaching fundamentals as well as good sportsmanship.

A Closer Look at Harry Potter

This week, students expanded on their knowledge and passion of the Harry Potter series. They created their own spells, magic wands, potions, and more. By taking an analytical approach to a fantasy series, students practiced their math, science, and artistic skills.

Lotions and Potions

In Lotions and Potions, students learned how to make beauty and body care products using all-natural ingredients. They learned about different properties should be used in making products, such as natural essential oils. Students played with a variety of scents to create their perfect products.

Discoveries & Adventures, and
Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

This week, Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp, students learned about the ancient world, specifically dinosaurs and other former plant and animal life. On Wednesday, the Adventures went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum and saw fossils and replicas of the animals and environments they had been learning about. For Theme Thursday, all students were encouraged to dress as if it were the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s. The Tenafly Nature Center visited the Discoveries students, bringing sample fossils, a red tailed hawk, and an owl. With the United States women’s soccer team recently winning the World Cup, on Friday, all students and staff were asked to wear red, white, blue, or a soccer jersey, and enjoyed a small parade.

For more in-depth overviews from each of our groups in Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp, visit https://de360.d-e.org/summer/discoveries-and-adventures/ or click here!

Learn more about Junior Summer Day Camp: click here!

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2019 Theme Keys Opening Doorways to New Worlds

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12 Jul

Introduction from Director Lisa Brown and Assistant Director Stacey Carella 

This week our campers went back in time and opened the door to our world before. The Adventures campers had an amazing time learning what archeologists do as they explored ancient civilizations. Pyramid maps, cave drawings, and totem poles were created as they learned about the lives of the ancient Egyptians, the Northwestern Native Americans, and those who lived during prehistoric times. Campers also enjoyed being paleontologists. They researched different dinosaurs, conducted fossil digs, created dinosaur skeleton structures, and made dinosaur models out of clay. The highlight of the week was a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City where the campers got a close up view of real dinosaur fossils!

In Discoveries, our little dinosaur enthusiasts loved learning about different dinosaur species, their living and eating habits, dinosaur eggs, and even fossils! Our campers went on a dinosaur dig, excavated fossils in a sensory bin, and engaged in prehistoric pretend play. The kids truly enjoyed exploring our prehistoric theme with rocks, sand, play dough, and dinosaur toys. Additionally, Tenafly Nature Center came to campus to teach our campers about Remarkable Raptors. The children had an opportunity to meet a live hawk and owl and discover how amazing birds of prey are.

We look forward to leaving the past behind and moving forward into the future world.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Red Group Update 

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group traveled back in time to adventure through and explore the prehistoric times. We discovered the meaning of ancient and the important animals and symbols of this time. Our friends experienced a close-reading on picture books about dinosaurs and enhanced our learning by creating our own dinosaurs, as well as dinosaur skeletons and fossils. In addition to becoming paleontologists this week, we visited Ancient Greece and learned about pyramids and pharaohs of this civilization. Our friends are so excited to travel through time once again into our futuristic world next week!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

This week the yellow group traveled to ancient times! We talked about the word ancient and what it means (and how mommies and daddies don’t qualify as ancient). Dinosaurs were a favorite topic this week as we became paleontologists and learned about fossils. We made dinosaur skeletons out of pasta and dinosaurs with our handprints. We also explored parietal art and made our own cave paintings just like early people made. Next week we will be heading to our future world and discovering the world of coding, technology, and innovation.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Blue Group Update

This week the Blue Group time traveled to the prehistoric era where they observed dinosaurs, fossils, pyramids and mosaics. The Tenafly Nature Center came back by popular demand to teach the campers about the similarities and differences between birds and dinosaurs.  Our smart and always curious robot friend Moby from Brainpop taught us about the ancient Greek, Chinese, and Inca civilizations.  When the campers returned to the present day, they had a lot of play time in the sunshine. They hit balls on the tennis court, played prehistoric tag on the playground, and observed the world around them. The Blue Group also created many interesting crafts this week. They made their own playdough during Exploratorium, created a variety of dinosaurs, and built their own pyramid. Next week, the campers will have another opportunity to time travel as they travel forward in time to the future world. The campers will unlock the logic of coding which will further develop their mathematics and literacy skills.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 1 Update 

Group 1 campers were excited to see old friends and eager to make new friends!  We embraced this weeks theme of Our World Before. Campers imagined what it would be like if the dinosaurs came back as we listened to a read aloud by Bernard Most of the book If the dinosaurs came back.  We created a group book with the same title; the campers had terrific ideas about what life would be like if dinosaurs roamed our earth.  We became paleontologists as we searched the camp room for dinosaur bones with a partner and had to piece the bones together like a puzzle to create a T-Rex. Campers were all smiles as they worked together. We used Model Magic to design replicas of dinosaurs and sang songs about our creations.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

Group 2 & 3 had a DINO-mite time exploring Our World Before: Prehistory, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Worlds this week at camp! We made a large diorama as a class, with each student creating a plant, animal, or land form to show what the world looked like 60 million years ago. Students listened to a great new nonfiction book, Titanosuar, and learned about the largest dinosaur which was recently uncovered in Argentina. It was awesome to see the actual model of the Patagotitan Mayorum at the Museum on Wednesday!

Next week: the future looks bright as we welcome new campers to Group 2 & 3, and discover Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 4 Update 

What an exciting week!

In Group 4 we unlocked our magical door to the prehistoric era!!

Group 4 found ourselves in the land of “Bedrock” or as we call it “DEROCK”. We loved learning about what life was like for America’s favorite family cartoon, “The Flinstones”. Come check out our self portraits, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Yabba-Dabba Doo!!

We also loved learning about the various dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

See you next week!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 5 Update

Together we learned about dinosaurs when reading the following picture books: Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins, Oh say can you say Di-no-saur? By Bonnie Worth, Born to Be Giants by Lita Judge, and Everything you need to know about Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures by DK Smithsonian. We conducted prehistoric experiments shared by Bill Nye the science guy in his book Great Big Dinosaur Dig. Just as paleontologists hunt for fossils, together we discovered bones of a dinosaur in our own archaeological site and put a skeleton back together bone by bone. We practiced our estimating by predicting how many of our footprint would fit into a three foot long dinosaur print. During siesta we are relaxing and listening to Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 6 Update

Did you know that a totem pole with wings extending from its sides is a sign that “all are welcome”?  Group Six learned this fact and the symbolic significance of many of the animals and colors used by the Northwestern Native Americans to create their totem poles.   Original totem poles were designed by each member of Group Six with their own unique story and symbolic meaning.  They continued the weeks theme of ancient times by discussing the life and some of the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. With this knowledge, students then used their map skills to create their own 3-D Ancient Egyptian map. In addition, there were a few students who were so inspired by the dinosaur exhibit from our trip to the Museum of Natural History that they crafted their own dinosaur skeleton model out of pasta!  Great job Group Six!

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