06 Jul

Blue Discoveries

Our arrival in Australia started with with a quick lesson about the people and characteristics common to this area of the world. As part of this new learning, we noticed how the world is divided into halves (called hemispheres) and that we can use a compass rose to identify areas of the world that are north, south, east, and west of where we live in the United States.

We practiced singing the classic Australian song, “Kookaburra,” and explored animals native to this continent. Learning about kangaroos was a particular favorite! We even created our own kangaroo, complete with a pouch for her baby. In terms of literacy, we practiced our reading fluency using poetry and nursery rhymes. Then, we applied what we learned about  flow to our read-aloud. Students were then able to play a rhyming game to identify words that match as we prepared to dictate sentences that have rhythm. When all was said and done, we had quite a bit of fun down under!

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