29 Jun

Blue Discoveries

With passports in hand, we kicked off our summer journey by meeting our fellow travelers and making new friends. We sang songs and read stories that centered around this theme. Then, we were off! We packed our suitcase, created our own personalized planes and studied facts about the world in order to prepare for our first stop to North America.

Along the way, we had a visit from a local geologist. He shared his very special collection of rocks, minerals, and gems. We then studied the earth’s land formations as we learned about continents. Next, we were ready to pinpoint North America on a map. We brought our learning down to earth as we explored American symbols and landmarks through our emergent readers.

In terms of early literacy skills, we tried our hand at writing a new fact we learned about our planet and then shared that fact with the class. With math, we started practicing some basic calendar skills related to sequencing and number sense.

Australia, here we come!

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