NEW Art & Design Studio


  • Course Type: Immersive
  • Grade Range: 7 - 10
  • BYOD Course: No
  • Price: $845.00


Week 1
6/29 - 7/2
Week 2
7/6 - 7/10
Week 3
7/13 - 7/17
Week 4
7/20 - 7/24
Week 5
7/27 - 7/31
Week 6
8/3 - 8/7
8:20 am - 3:30 pm

Open to students with a strong interest and passion for artistic expression, scientific exploration and design, the Immersive seeks to nurture studio environments where themes, concepts and ideas mutually shared by art and design can blend together in unique expressions of imaginative form. From nature studies to architectural models, students will be challenged and encouraged to find creative bridges between the ways artists, scientists, designers and engineers see and interpret the world around us, making works of beauty and functionality in selected mediums, styles and creative fields, from pencil and paint to clay and computer graphics; from illustration and sculpture to industrial and landscape design. What kind of wonderful visual expressions can the perceptions of art and the discoveries of design show us if they come together in unique ways? This Art & Design Studio immersive will provide inquisitive and focused students the time, space and resources to find out!  Students will create works in two and three-dimensional mixed media and sculpture as well as architectural design. For inspiration, students will experience a field trip to NYC’s Museum of Art & Design. The week will culminate in a student-curated art show for friends, family and special guests.

(Includes Lunch, Material & Trip fees)

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