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D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 8/2/2019

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D-E 360° View
Summer Notes Edition

WOW! What a wonderful Week 6 with D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC)!

Below are highlights from just a few Enrichment and Immersive programs offered to campers this past week. Feeling “fantastical”? Catch up with our Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp. Our youngest campers enjoyed “Our Fantasy World” and participating in a “Fantastical Faire”– the culmination of their six weeks of exploration into our “Keys to Different Worlds” theme this Summer 2019!

With Week 6 now wrapped-up, Summer 2019 has now officially ended at D-E 360° SC. Looking back over the past six weeks, 600+ campers — along with more than 200 energized and engaged SC faculty and staff — actively engaged in the arts, athletics, business entrepreneurship, cooking, leadership, STEM, and so many other areas. Together we had a myriad of memorable experiences, formed new friendships, and, of course, made the most of opportunities to “Learn Boldly.”

We are grateful to ALL our campers, their families, and everyone who helped make Summer 2019 a success! We also invite you to visit us in the coming months to continue to learn how D-E 360° provides new opportunities to “Learn Boldly”! Enrichment Workshop weekends and chess tournaments are just a few upcoming programs arriving on the D-E campus in Fall 2019. To learn more in the coming weeks and months, visit us at https://de360.d-e.org/, Email de360info@d-e.org or call 201-227-3144. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Heading for Broadway

This two-week Immersive program, new to SC this year, wrapped up with an exciting Summer Showcase presentation featuring campers’ monologues, group scenes, and songs. Campers’ core classes included singing, acting, and movement. They also learned show-stopping tactics from award-winning directors, including John Giresi and Steven Bell. Everyone had a blast seeing Frozen on Broadway.

3D Origami

This week our Enrichment campers enrolled in 3D Origami learned the traditional art of origami this week with a spin, using glue to combine small pieces of folded paper to create 3-dimensional structures. Campers chose designs from an origami book with instructions they followed to build an array of different art pieces with bright, unique colors and patterns.

Balloon Rocket Car STEM Competition

Enrichment campers in this STEM course teamed up to build cars made out of recycled materials such as straws, plastic water bottles, and CDs. After blowing into a balloon and then attaching it to the car, campers let go and watched their cars travel. After making continuous tweaks and modifications throughout the week, on Friday, the teams competed on the bottom floor of STEM to see whose balloon rocket car was the best.

Mangia Italia

YUMMMMMM….. Campers in the Mangia Italia Enrichment course learned the art of Italian cooking this week. Each day, campers learned techniques for making consistently delicious Italian meals of different sorts. New culinary skills gained included making homemade pasta, crafting sauces from scratch, and the choosing of cheeses to finish it all off. They also made meatballs and classic Italian pizza.

Discoveries & Adventures, and
Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored “Our Fantasy World” this week. Campers dove into the magical lands and characters of children’s stories and learned about the aspects which make up a story, such as the main character. The campers’ imaginations were expanded through the learning experiences they had in each class. On Wednesday they also enjoyed dressing up as their favorite book characters during the “Fantastical Faire” with their families, featuring fun arts and crafts and a guest magician. On the last day, campers enjoyed a video of photos taken of them throughout the six weeks of SC 2019.

For more in-depth overviews from each of our groups in Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp, visit https://de360.d-e.org/summer/discoveries-and-adventures/ or click here!

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2019 Theme Keys Opening Doorways to New Worlds

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