29 Jun

Director & Assistant Director’s Blog

This summer our theme will take our campers around the world.  With passports in hand, Camp Discoveries and Adventures became North American Explorers during this first week.  As a camp, we celebrated the U.S.A. by wearing red, white, and blue on Theme Thursday and by singing “Grand Ole Flag” and “This Land is Your Land” during our morning gathering.  Many classes explored the continent by studying the symbols, places, and people that make the United States of America such a fantastic place to be! Campers in Adventures had a wonderful time at the Sterling Mineral Mines in Ogdensburg, New Jersey where they took a guided tour through an actual mine!  They were amazed with the rocks that glow under fluorescent light and were able to collect their own rock samples that represented the three types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Campers in Discoveries had a geologist visit and share his collection of rocks. For three days, Harry Singer taught our campers what geologist do and what a mineral is. They looked inside geodes, observed fossils and trilobites, and created “dinosaur” footprints in clay.  On the last day, they were able to take home an amethyst and a shark’s tooth!

It has been an exciting first week here in Discoveries!  Our theme this summer will take children on a journey around the world!  Each continent has something different to share: dancing, crafts, culinary activities, and music too!  Each camper has received their very own passport and at the end of each week,  they will add a stamp, for the country they visited.  We started our continent exploration with North America.  How many oceans border North America? Where is North America? What is the size of the continent? How many countries in North America? What is the geography like? The campers discovered the answers to these interesting questions and learned cool fun facts and trivia about this amazing place. Get your passports and suitcases ready!  Shortly, our plane will be boarding for our next stop to Australia!

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