29 Jul

Discoveries: Spanish/Drama/Cooking

by Ms. Sandra Buritica 

Semana de Diversión

  • During the week of August 1, Discoveries campers will act out the story Ricitos de Oro y los Tres Ositos (Goldilocks and the Three Bears). Then campers will play a “fishing game” with the vocabulary words they’ve learned in the both stories: Llama Llama Rojo Pijama and Ricitos de Oro y  los tres Ositios.  
  • Campers will also continue learning the Spanish children’s song A la Rueda, Rueda. While campers sing, they will take each other by the hands, forming a circle and at the end all the kids fall down (carefully) and pretend to be sleeping!
  • Additionally campers will continue learning their Spanish numbers up to 10 and learn some more colors  including azul , café, negro, rojo, y amarillo (blue, brown, black red and yellow)!

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