12 Jul

Introduction from Director Lisa Brown and Assistant Director Stacey Carella 

This week our campers went back in time and opened the door to our world before. The Adventures campers had an amazing time learning what archeologists do as they explored ancient civilizations. Pyramid maps, cave drawings, and totem poles were created as they learned about the lives of the ancient Egyptians, the Northwestern Native Americans, and those who lived during prehistoric times. Campers also enjoyed being paleontologists. They researched different dinosaurs, conducted fossil digs, created dinosaur skeleton structures, and made dinosaur models out of clay. The highlight of the week was a visit to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City where the campers got a close up view of real dinosaur fossils!

In Discoveries, our little dinosaur enthusiasts loved learning about different dinosaur species, their living and eating habits, dinosaur eggs, and even fossils! Our campers went on a dinosaur dig, excavated fossils in a sensory bin, and engaged in prehistoric pretend play. The kids truly enjoyed exploring our prehistoric theme with rocks, sand, play dough, and dinosaur toys. Additionally, Tenafly Nature Center came to campus to teach our campers about Remarkable Raptors. The children had an opportunity to meet a live hawk and owl and discover how amazing birds of prey are.

We look forward to leaving the past behind and moving forward into the future world.

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