14 Jul

Junior Summer Camp

by Ms. Jenny Sykes

Oceans- and Origami-Inspired Art!

  • During the week of July 18 our very youngest Junior Campers will learn about the oceans (and oceanography) hands-on,  with arts and crafts including painting beautiful beach rocks (from Rhode Island, courtesy of Ms. Jenny), making a fish mobile, and creating a fun personal door hanger.  For particularly passionate artists we have stencil art, collage and beading always at hand.
  • Ms. Kelly will be trying some origami designs with our older campers and of course next Thursday we  observe another “Mad Science” idea.
  • This week was Ms. Jenny’s last with Junior Summer Camp, and she provided the following note for us to share here:  “I would like to thank all the Junior Summer Camp families who supported and registered their children with very short notice and many changes since our relocation to the D-E School campus.   It has been a wonderful camp experience not only for the children but also for the adults…. I couldn’t have run this camp without the assistance of my excellent staff Joanna, Emily, Kelly and Lilly for the first 4 days.   We are a well organized, experienced, happy team.  It has been a pleasure getting to know Simone, Stacey, Michelle and all the staff during our time at D-E. Thank you Sherronda for approaching me in May with this camp proposition.   This was the perfect ending to my teaching career. Bittersweet indeed️. Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone. Hugs always.”

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