28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Discoveries Blue Group Update 

Campers, buckle your seatbelts and start your engines, because it’s time for summer connections! On June 24th, the Blue Group boarded the D-E 360* airplane and traveled to the world of Structures and Transportation. After a quick car ride, we got on a red double-decker bus and cruised through London Town. Then we made a stop at a construction site and explored the various features of the skidsteer vehicle. We also learned about trains and firetrucks from our smart and silly friend on YouTube, Blippi.

After our adventure across the pond, the Blue Group flew back to New Jersey. We went on a virtual field trip into downtown Englewood and explored a local police car. Then we boarded the city bus for another exciting tour. When we reached our stop back at campus, we hopped onto tricycles and cruised around the Lower School’s playground racetrack. We rode right into the splash zone for some exciting water play in the sun! Our next stop for Week 2 will be the rainforest, where we will explore many types of animals and plants.

Welcome to D-E 360!

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