28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Exploratorium Update

In the Exploratorium, the campers have the materials and equipment to explore the world of science around them with engaging hands-on activities and common household materials. This year campers also have the supplies to make simple robotic toys using Lego’s and K’nex. During the first weeks, the campers in the Exploratorium will have opportunities to investigate gravity and flight with experiments using water and air (and marbles and gum drops.) Some campers may choose to build model transportation structures and bridges, while others will choose to make balloon powered Lego cars or put together a motor with gears and wheels.   A new addition to the Exploratorium is the freshly planted children’s garden. The outdoor space and fresh air draw children who love to tend to the growing vegetables. It is also a popular choice for the campers who may prefer to chase butterflies or collect bugs for careful study.

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