28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Spanish/Drama/Cooking Update

Spanish Drama

The week started off great! In Spanish Drama, we played games like Charades and Como Te Llamas to get to know each other. The kids acted as so many crazy and exciting things, such as: a lion, a dog, and even a house. Then we played juego de mascaras, which means the mask game. We acted like the many faces we had. Lastly, we started our first play called “El Tren”. There has been so much excitement this week in Spanish Drama!


This week in Cooking, we explored travel through food! We learned about how people used the food as they traveled in the olden days and explored the usage of our hands and feet as transportation. We made a delicious trail mix full of pretzels, cereal, and other goodies with Chef Loco. The kids had so much fun “bate y bate” the trail mix. Then we made Journey Cakes as well, just like the pilgrims! The kids had a blast exploring different foods!

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