12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Blue Group Update

This week the Blue Group time traveled to the prehistoric era where they observed dinosaurs, fossils, pyramids and mosaics. The Tenafly Nature Center came back by popular demand to teach the campers about the similarities and differences between birds and dinosaurs.  Our smart and always curious robot friend Moby from Brainpop taught us about the ancient Greek, Chinese, and Inca civilizations.  When the campers returned to the present day, they had a lot of play time in the sunshine. They hit balls on the tennis court, played prehistoric tag on the playground, and observed the world around them. The Blue Group also created many interesting crafts this week. They made their own playdough during Exploratorium, created a variety of dinosaurs, and built their own pyramid. Next week, the campers will have another opportunity to time travel as they travel forward in time to the future world. The campers will unlock the logic of coding which will further develop their mathematics and literacy skills.

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