19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Spanish/Drama/Cooking Update


¡Hola Familias! In Spanish/Drama, the Discovery students adorned costumes to portray superheroes! They had a ball posing and acting out their superhero fantasies! The Adventure students explored comedy! The children enjoyed participating in our comedy hour by each telling a joke. They also continued performing “Ricitos de Oro y los Tres Osos” (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) by acting out what happened when Goldilocks returned to the bear’s house. It has been another fabulous week in Spanish/Drama!


We welcomed the students to our imaginary “internet cafe” during this week of technology! The Discovery students created banana pudding parfait. The Adventure students each created a danish to enjoy “while exploring the world wide web.” They were able to choose from a variety of fillings to personalize their danish: apples, blueberries, strawberry jam, cheese, chocolate chips, and raisins. Topped of with powdered sugar, this treat was not one to be missed!

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