26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Spanish/Drama/Cooking Update

¡Hola familias! This week in Spanish Drama, we explored the Star Wars universe and acted out our favorite characters and scenes from the movies. The kids loved learning about the characters from the galaxy far beyond! We learned new Spanish words and how to form sentences in Spanish too! Lastly, Señora Harrison, the TAs, and the kids had a dance off where they showed off their favorite space dance moves. The kids were far out!

In Cooking this week, we explored the frozen galaxy of the Locos, Chef Loco’s home planet. Chef Loco and her Adventure friends made a crazy frozen treat, fried ice cream. We rolled our ice cream balls that Chef Loco flash froze and then rolled it in fried Corn Flakes that had cinnamon on it. ¡Muy delicioso! The kids went crazy adding their favorite toppings; chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, fruit loops, and cocoa pebbles! The Discoveries classes enjoyed making and decorating their own ice cream cone cupcakes while visiting the frozen galaxy of the Locos. This was one cool week in Chef Loco’s cooking class.

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