13 Jul


This week we continued to travel around the world and made a stop in the continent of Asia.  We stopped in China and met a friend whose name was Pim. He said hello in many languages such as: Hola in Spanish, Hello in English, and Ni-hao in Chinese.  We watched a video and learned lots of vocabulary. The kids enjoyed putting on a skit about a family who went out to a restaurant and found a fly/mosca in the soup/ sopa. They used
different props to make the skit more realistic and put on a show for their audience members.

In cooking we created something really delicious. We made fried vegetable rice and chicken fried rice. The kids helped by chopping up the vegetables and stirring the pot full of rice.  In Discoveries we made orange guey cookies which are found in the Asian food culture. We also had some paletas.

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