20 Jul


Discoveries Students enjoyed the story “Caps for Sale” and we all had such a fun time putting on the hats and trying to break the Peddler’s record of 17.  In cooking we travelled to Europe and landed in Paris where we enjoyed making chocolate and cheese Croissants. Then we hopped over to Spain to enjoy making a Margo smoothie that would later become a Paleta.

Adventures Spanish/Drama

This week we continued to travel around the world and made a stop on the continent of Europe/Europa. We went to a small village in Russia and met a man selling hats/sombreros. The peddler went up and down the road selling his hats; but no one bought the hats. The peddler soon met some monkeys who gave him the monkey business. They stole his hats when he fell asleep. The students counted the hats in Spanish and each acted out the parts of the Peddler and the monkeys.

Adventures Cooking

In cooking Paris was a destination enjoyed by all. We made chocolate and cheese Croissants.We also travelled to Spain for tapas and enjoyed a Spanish tortilla made with potato chips. To their surprise a tortilla is not just for tacos. Paletas have been a hit for the kids so we made a “Sunshine Punch Smoothie” that would later become Paletas.

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