20 Jul

STEM Special Program

Why are bubbles round?  Why do bubbles pop?  Why do bubbles stick together?  This week we had a special STEM program for our campers in Discoveries and Adventures called the the Fun With Bubbles program, sponsored by SUEZ Water.

Adventures Campers learned and discussed the science behind bubbles, conducted fun water experiments, and explored the structure and behavior of a water molecule.  They also made their own wands and created small and large bubbles outdoors.

Discoveries campers read the story Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop by Mark Weakland.  Together, with the Suez Water Company, the kids followed a recipe to create a bubble solution. They also constructed their very own wands and went outside for a bubble blowing party!

Blowing bubbles is such a classic outdoor activity that can be enjoyed just about anywhere!  Not only is it fun to do, but there are lots of ways that exploring bubbles can engage kids in concepts related to math, science, and engineering. The kids had a blast blowing and catching bubbles!

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