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Summer Notes 7/28

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Week 5 Highlights (July 24 – 28, 2017)

Polar Pursuits, Investigative Enrichment, STEM Institute & more!

Polar Pursuits

As part of their “Habitats of the World” explorations, our youngest campers in Discoveries & Adventures this week learned all about the cool arctic animals that inhabit polar regions. See below for details and more photos!

PAWject Bake Sale

This week campers enrolled in the Critical Reading and Writing Academic Enrichment course went ‘above and beyond’: In addition to completing their academic requirements, they also organized a special “PAWject” Bake Sale to raise money for the Closter Animal Welfare Society (CLAWS)! These dedicated campers worked diligently to make delicious baked goods, decorate the dining hall, and sell their treats, all for a great ‘claws’. Through their study of Paul Fleishman’s novel Seedfolks and their work on argumentative essays, the campers were inspired to make a difference themselves in our community. In the end, the campers raised $200, which will help pay for animals’ medicine, food, beds, etc.

Young Visionaries

The final, concluding half of this two-week, intensive “Immersive” course had campers diving into Printmaking, Sculpture, and Painting/Mixed-Media. These young campers also look forward to a presentation for their families and friends on the final day of the class, Friday, July 28, at which they will showcase all the incredible artistic, architectural, design, and other works they have created!

Investigative Reporting

Campers in this Enrichment course this week enjoyed a sneak peek at the fast-paced, exciting life of an investigative reporter. Through interviews with administrators, teachers, and fellow campers, our journalists learned how to answer the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) and get the scoop on the daily happenings of D-E 360° Summer Connections. Campers were given the opportunity to explore the issues that matter to them, resulting in articles focused on everything from the moving of the school’s Bulldog mascot to the work of other classes, such as STEM Institute.

Optical Illusion

Campers in this enlightening Enrichment course learned the importance of brightness, tilt, and texture when it comes to creating an optical illusion. Using shapes and colors, campers were able to blend different objects into their optical illusion without making it noticeable.

STEM Institute

A workshop aimed specifically at Grade 4-12 teachers, STEM Institute gave a dedicated, enthusiastic group of 11 educators hands-on exposure to a 3-day Project Based Learning(PBL) / Makerspace environment. The workshop was designed to teach participants how to design and assess great student projects. Taught by expert technology teachers Trevor Shaw and Kevin Jarrett, STEM Institute gave the teachers the chance to apply PBL and Makerspace instructional experiences from the student perspective, as they built and coded their own electronic inventions using Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. They also joined a student workshop and practiced delivering mini-lessons coaching students, assessing their learnings in an actual classroom setting.

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Junior Summer Day Camp, Discoveries & Adventures

Week 5 Highlights: POLAR PURSUITS

This week our Junior Summer Day Camp and Discoveries campers learned all about the amazing arctic animals that inhabit the polar regions of the world. Our “Polar Plungers” listened to a variety of picture books, learned about snow and icebergs, and even created their own snow and igloos during art class. Arctic animals were introduced, along with the characteristics of these animals that allow them to survive harsh arctic conditions. The children truly enjoyed exploring the arctic with us!

Adventures campers went on a trip to The Bronx Zoo on Wednesday, which included a visit to the Polar Bear exhibit. Campers learned that polar bears are going extinct and we need to save them. They also learned that most Polar Bears only last till 20 years old in the wild but in the Zoo they can live until age 30.; the Bronx Zoo Polar Bar is 25. Campers also rode the monorail.

Looking Ahead:
D-E 360° Summer Connections 2017 Week 5

(July 24 – 28, 2017)

We are SO excited for the next week! Enrichment campers can look forward to the following:

  • Advertising
  • Baking Bonanza
  • Balloon Rocket Car STEM Competition
  • Forensics
  • And Much More!

Junior Summer Day Camp, Discoveries & Adventures campers will enjoy learning about Mountain Critters! For details click here or visit http://de360.d-e.org/summer/discoveries-and-adventures/

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Discoveries & Adventures & Junior Day Camp:
Preschool (age 3) – Grade 4

Explore Habitats of the World! From the arctic and the desert to the rainforest and wetlands, our youngest campers will learn hands-on about biology, ecology, the environment, and why animals live where they do!

Habitats of the World

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