29 Jun

Summer Notes Week 1


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Summer Notes Week 1

Bravo to our String Society 2018 campers!

Over the course of the week, the/our campers worked hard to produce beautiful music.
The Grand Finale Concert was dynamic and diverse, featuring a range of music from the Beatles to Bach. Concert-goers were also privileged to see the Brooklyn-based chamber music ensemble, Project Trio, who played alongside our campers.
Big congratulations to all involved!

This week our D-E 360° Summer Connections Enrichment campers enjoyed Basketball, Cricket: The British Game, Junior Chef: Breakfast Club, and so much more! Scholars embarked on courses that will help them build confidence and gain credit for future academic work, including algebra, biology, chemistry, and physics to name a few.

For Week 2 (July 2-July 6) Enrichment, Scholars and Immersive Programs – Building Assignments and Classroom Numbers can be found by clicking here.

Director & Assistant Director’s Blog

This summer our theme will take our campers around the world.  With passports in hand, Camp Discoveries and Adventures became North American Explorers during this first week.  As a camp, we celebrated the U.S.A. by wearing red, white, and blue on Theme Thursday and by singing “Grand Ole Flag” and “This Land is Your Land” during our morning gathering. Read More


Red Discoveries

The Red Group kicked off our adventure in Discoveries by getting to know our new friends and traveling to North America together. Our friends practiced greeting one another, sharing our thoughts and excitement about the day, and singing songs during Morning Meeting. Read More

Yellow Discoveries

This week Yellow Group started getting ready for our trip around the world! We talked about what we need to pack for our trip and made suitcases filled with our favorite things. Read More

Blue Discoveries

With passports in hand, we kicked off our summer journey by meeting our fellow travelers and making new friends. We sang songs and read stories that centered around this theme. Read More


Group 1

Group 1 campers engaged in fun greetings with one another as we began to learn each other’s names. We had a blast getting to know each other and the children were smiling as they moved from class to class. Read More

Group 2

Red, White, Blue…and Group Two!
We kicked off our worldwide tour this week close to home, in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Read More

Group 3

The children in Group 3 had an amazing start to their trip around the world! Receiving their first passport stamp in North America, included gaining fun new facts about some of the 23 countries in the continent. Read More

Group 4

What an exciting week!
What is American about America?
Cars!!! In group 4 we are learning about one of America’s greatest inventions the Model T car created by Henry Ford.Read More

Group 5

Group 5 student learned about the symbols that represent America: the American flag, the bald eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and the White House. Read More

Group 6

This week Group, 6 asked the question, “What is America?” They came up with hundreds of answers and responses.  Read More

Art – Discoveries

This week, campers explored different symbols of the countries in North America.  Read More

Adventures in Art

Campers made art journals with collage on Monday. They are encouraged to draw whatever they wish inside and practice drawing animals. Read More


This week in music, Discoveries listened to songs like This Land Is Your Land, explored their singing voices, and played some instruments!Read More

Bodies in Motion

This week in music, Discoveries listened to songs like This Land Is Your Land, explored their singing voices, and played some instruments!Read More


Hello families! I really enjoyed meeting all of our campers this week. It was awesome to see some familiar faces. Read More


Hola!  In Spanish campers learned greetings.  We practiced Good Morning and what is your name?Read More


Campers are busy investigating the elements in the Exploratorium, doing experiments and activities involving gumball structures and and flying gummy worms.Read More


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