06 Jul

Summer Notes Week 2


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Summer Notes Week 2

This week our D-E 360° Summer Connections Enrichment campers enjoyed Krav Magra, a Balloon Rocket Car STEM Competition, Body Knitting, and so much more! Some of our Immersive campers learned how to build their own code in Coding with Raspberry Pi !

Our Scholars continued to bolster their skills in their “ABCs” (Algebra; Biology; Chemistry) — just a few of the credit-earning courses that are offered for students who want to make the most of their summer break.

Enjoy our Week 2 video – click here

Looking forward to next week when we host STEM Institute… led by Trevor Shaw, Dwight-Englewood School’s Director of Technology Services, this workshop will engage teachers and administrators in makerspace, coding, and other hands-on STEM learning opportunities.

Hungry? Click here for our Enrichment/Scholars/Immersives Week 3 (July 9 – 13) Menu!

For Week 3 (July 9-July 13) Enrichment, Scholars and Immersive Programs – Building Assignments and Classroom Numbers can be found by clicking here.

Discoveries & Adventures Program Highlights

  • Click here for our Discoveries Week 3 (July 9 – 13) Schedule
  • Click here for our Adventures Week 3 (July 9 – 13) Schedule
  • Yum! Click here for our Discoveries & Adventures Week 3 (July 9 – 13) Menu.

Week 2 in Review

Welcome to the land “Down Under”! Australia is a fun country to explore with its beautiful colors, unique languages and interesting animals. What better way to learn about animals than to see them in real life? Read More

Red Discoveries

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group traveled across the world and all the way to Australia. Read More

Yellow Discoveries

G´Day Mate!  The Yellow Group had a blast hopping on the plane and traveling to Australia to explore all the different animals and their habitats.  Read More

Blue Discoveries

Our arrival in Australia started with with a quick lesson about the people and characteristics common to this area of the world. Read More

Adventures Group 1

Group 1 learned about the beautiful animals that make their home in Australia.  We brainstormed a long list of various land and water creatures. Read More

Adventures Group 2

G’ Day, Mates! After welcoming the newest campers to our class, Group 2 spent the week learning about the land “Down Under.” Read More

Adventures Group 3

This week Group 3 had a wonderful time down under! Children were able to explore the habitats of kangaroos and koalas. Read More

Adventures Group 4

What an exciting week! We loved traveling down under to Australia. Read More

Adventures Group 5

Throughout Week 2 we learning about all the unique & amazing Australian animals and landscape. Read More

Adventures Group 6

Group 6 explored several different types of  maps of Australia this week.  Read More


Campers had a blast this week learning about Australia!  Read More


This week in Discoveries, we listened to music, sang songs, and learned about instruments and folk songs from Australia! Read More

Bodies in Motion

In honor of Australia we learned and played games that involved cooperation and body awareness.Read More


Namaste & Hello Families! Welcome to Week 2 in Yoga. This week we worked on body awareness. Read More


This week we traveled to the continent of Australia and discovered many foods eaten by the children of Australia. Read More


In the Exploratorium our Discoveries & Adventures campers all have a choice of experiments that let them explore the science around them with hands-on activities using common household materials. Read More


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