13 Jul

Summer Notes Week 3



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Summer Notes Week 3

STEMtastic! The Hajjar STEM Center was abuzz this week thanks to stellar STEM classes for both campers and teachers. Immersive campers in STEM Challenge built and then ‘battled’ with their ‘bot creations and worked together hands-on with STEM Institute educators in a collaborative makerspace. These motivated teachers also learned all about programming, 3D printing, and more, earning professional development credits along the way.

3D Origami, Archery, Ballet, Fencing, and Woodworking were just a few of the exciting courses that D-E 360° Summer Connections Enrichment campers enjoyed this week. There are still some openings in many of these unique ‘a la carte’ courses for the next few weeks – click here for details and to register today!

Meanwhile, our Scholars hit the half-way point in their credit-earning classes!

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Discoveries & Adventures Program Highlights

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Week 3 in Review

Welcome to the rich and diverse continent of Asia! Discoveries and Adventures enjoyed exploring Asia as part of their fabulous study of the continents of the world. Read More

Red Discoveries

Our friends in Discoveries continued our adventure around the world as we explored and experienced the cultures of Asia this week. Read More

Yellow Discoveries

Discoveries yellow group was super busy this week!  We had so many countries to learn about in our BIGGEST continent, Asia.  Read More

Blue Discoveries

Kon’nichiwa! Ahn nyeong ha se yo! Ni hao! Namaste! There are many ways to say “hello” when visiting any number of Asian countries. Read More

Adventures Group 1

Group 1 welcomed new campers this week. We are having a great time and making lots of new friends! We learned the differences between the American Dollar, the Korean Won and the Chinese Yuan. Read More

Adventures Group 2

Greetings from Group 2 in Asia! We spent the week learning about the largest continent and the many countries that make up Asia. Read More

Adventures Group 3

Traveling to Asia was a blast for Group 3. Students enjoyed learning about different money from various areas of the continent and creating their own person dollar bill. Read More

Adventures Group 4

What an amazing week! From Singapore to Bangladesh we have traveled all over Asia! Read More

Adventures Group 5

Asia is filled with a rich and colorful history which we learned more about through reading and research.  Read More

Adventures Group 6

Members of group six worked on physical maps of Asia. Read More


This week Adventures campers used rice paper and Xeroxes of Chinese, Japanese and Korean money to create collages based on the animal zodiac signs. Read More


This week in music, Adventures campers learned about some traditional instruments from different areas of Asia. Read More

Bodies in Motion

This week in the Bodies in Motion class, campers did a collection of elementary P.E. games and activities that promoted participation, stressed cooperation over competition, and helped improve their self esteem by giving them a chance for success individually and as a team. Read More


Raising Awareness of Our Connection with Nature. And The Power of Imagination. Hello Families! Welcome to week 3 in Yoga. This week we had fun using our imagination to create a sense of peace, joy, safety and gratitude for our bodies and nature! Read More


This week we continued to travel around the world and made a stop in the continent of Asia. Read More


In the Exploratorium the Campers have a choice of experiments and equipment that let them explore the science around them with hands-on activities using common household materials. Read More


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