20 Jul

Summer Notes Week 4

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Summer Notes Week 4

Go Green! This week, Enrichment campers in Vegetable Gardening and Cooking reaped the rewards of their hard work, creating delicious meals with fresh fixings picked from our gardens here on the D-E School campus. Other exciting Enrichment offerings this week directed enthusiastic campers toward the finer points of Fencing; the basics of engineering in Engineering for Young Minds, and crime scene analysis in Forensics!


Next week, Acting and Cheerleading welcomes new and notable teachers to our program. Critically-acclaimed theatre production expert John Gerisi and cheer squad coaches Nicole Cieri and Maria Cornetta will engage campers in exciting hands-on instruction. Space still available. Click here to register.

Young Visionaries (YV), a 2-week Immersive program, immersed campers this week in multimedia creation and artistic expression. A YV field trip to the NY Childrens’ Museum of Art in Lower Manhattan was highlighted by the opportunity to work in 2D and 3D media while focusing on scale and size, ideas that are central to this year’s YV “community” program theme.

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For Week 5 (July 23-July 27) Enrichment, Scholars and Immersive Programs – Building Assignments and Classroom Numbers can be found by clicking here.

Discoveries & Adventures Program Highlights

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Week 4 in Review

Welcome to Europe – a continent with unique, historical, and culturally-rich countries! This week, Adventures students traveled to Europe and became cultural enthusiasts. Campers studied famous European artists and buildings. Read More

STEM Special Program

Why are bubbles round? Why do bubbles pop? Why do bubbles stick together? This week we had a special STEM program for our campers in Discoveries and Adventures called the the Fun With Bubbles program, sponsored by SUEZ Water. Read More

Red Discoveries

Ciao! Bonjour! Our Discoveries friends had a blast exploring the art and architecture of Europe this week. Read More

Yellow Discoveries

The Yellow Group had a fun visit to Europe this week! We learned about fairy tales that come from Scandinavia and Germany. Read More

Blue Discoveries

The sights, sounds, and architecture of Europe were on the minds of our preschool kids this week as we began looking at all the different countries that make up this rich continent. Read More

Adventures Group 1

Group 1 traveled through the many countries of Europe. Our first stop was France. Read More

Adventures Group 2

Bonjour! Group 2 spent the week learning about European architecture and art. Read More

Adventures Group 3

Europe is well known for its historical architect. This week Group Three had fun exploring these sculptures through text, media, and art. Read More

Adventures Group 4

What an exciting week learning about Europe!! What do we love most about learning about Europe… ART of course. Read More

Adventures Group 5

Europe has many famous structures and artwork to observe and research. Read More

Adventures Group 6

Group Six explored several different types of maps of Europe this week. Read More


This week in art, our Adventures campers looked at famous European landmarks and figured out their shapes. Read More


This week in music, Discoveries campers listened to some music from different countries in Europe, sang songs and tried new instruments. Read More

Bodies in Motion

This week during Bodies in Motion class campers participated in a number of full inclusion activities such as tag games and cooperative game play.Read More


The children had A LOT of fun this week learning new yoga poses and breathing techniques. Read More


Discoveries Students enjoyed the story “Caps for Sale” and we all had such a fun time putting on the hats and trying to break the Peddler’s record of 17. Read More


In the Exploratorium our campers have a choice of experiments and equipment that let them explore the science around them with hands-on activities using common household materials. Read More


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