27 Jul

Summer Notes Week 5



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Summer Notes Week 5

This week, Enrichment campers learned how to lift each other up just in time for Camp Kindness Day in Cheerleading, mastered comedy and tragedy in Acting, and learned how to start their own businesses in Entrepreneur’s Academy.

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For Week 6 (July 30 – August 3) Enrichment, Scholars and Immersive Programs – Building Assignments and Classroom Numbers can be found by clicking here.

Discoveries & Junior Summer Day Camp Program Highlights

  • Click here for our Discoveries Week 6 (July 30 – August 3) Schedule
  • Click here for our Junior Summer Day Camp Week 6 (July 30 – August 3) Schedule

Week 5 in Review

Africa is a beautiful continent rich in both its natural resources and its ecosystems. This week, campers learned about the variety of animals, plants, geographical features, and traditions that call Africa home. Read More

Red Discoveries

What an adventure we had traveling along the Nile River as we explored the wonders of Africa this week! Read More

Yellow Discoveries

This week in yellow group, the campers explored Africa and all its beauty. We made African jewelry and masks to wear while learning to play the drums in our amazing assembly with Mr. Robert. Read More

Blue Discoveries

Jambo Campers! We had a chance to practice a little bit of Swahili as we learned a Kenyan welcome song this week. Read More

Adventures Group 1

Group 1 campers traveled to Africa this week! Campers learned about the need for clean water in the villages of Burkina Faso through the story book The Water Princess. Read More

Adventures Group 2

Group 2 says, “Jambo!” (That’s how to say “hello” in Swahili.) We spent a wonderful week in Africa. Read More

Adventures Group 3

This week Group 3 had a wonderful time exploring the continent of Africa. Read More

Adventures Group 4

What an exciting week. Tuning in from the African Safaria, Group 4 has been on a wonderful adventure. Read More

Adventures Group 5

Africa is a continent rich in resources and holds the world’s longest river, the Nile. Read More

Adventures Group 6

Group Six explored several different types of maps of Africa this week. Read More

Art (Adventures)

Campers looked at Adinkra patterns from West Africa. Read More

Art ( Discoveries)

During week five we focused African-inspired crafts and animals with projects that offer an array of sensory exploration, skills practice, and cognitive development through planning and problem solving. Read More

Sound of Music

This week in music, Discoveries campers explored their singing voices, learned about some drums from Africa and moved to music. Read More

Bodies in Motion

This week during Bodies in Motion class all students played a variety of elementary P.E. Games and activities that promote 100% participation, stress cooperation over competition and help improve students self-esteem. Read More


Hello families! This week in Yoga we worked on relaxation. Read More


This week we continued to travel and landed on the continent of Africa. Read More


This week the campers in the Exploratorium will investigate gravity and flight with experiments using water and air. Read More


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