03 Aug

Summer Notes Week 6


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Summer Notes Week 6

It’s hard to believe that this year’s program is coming to a close for D-E 360° Summer Connections 2018!

Week 6 wrapped up with a flurry of exciting events including the Discoveries & Adventures Carnival and today’s SingAlong for our youngest campers and their families (see photos above and highlights below for more details).

Our Scholars program participants may have officially completed their classes last week, but the learning never stops at D-E 360° Summer Connections. Congratulations to those hard working ‘campers’ who truly enriched their summer this year with credit-earning academic work in English, Mathematics and Science!

This week, Enrichment campers in Explosive Science made quite an impression in their on-campus ‘fieldwork’ and off-campus field trips, and our Geology campers enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Natural History. Campers in Debate honed their powers of verbal persuasion and Cheerleading had a big win again this week.

Enjoy video vignettes from Week 6 – click here!

Be sure to visit us at de360.d-e.org later this year for information on special workshops and learning opportunities during the upcoming 2018-19 school year and Summer 2019.

We hope to see all our campers and their families again soon!

Discoveries, Adventures, & Junior Summer Day Camp Program Highlights

Enjoy our Summer 2018 Discoveries & Adventures Slideshow: click here!

Welcome to South America! Adventures, Discoveries, and Junior Day Camp paraded around the continent of South America! Read More

Red Discoveries

The Red Group had a great time in South America this week! Read More

Yellow Discoveries

We can´t believe camp is over…we really made the best of our last week together traveling to South America to explore itś customs and traditions, especially music and dance. Read More

Blue Discoveries

This week, Blue Group journeyed through the rainforests and landed in South America! Read More

Adventures Group 1

Group 1 is having so much fun traveling through the continent of South America. Read More

Adventures Group 2

Adios, Amigos! Hard to believe it’s our last week in Camp Adventures—-the past six weeks have flown by! Read More

Adventures Group 3

The week Group 3 had an amazing time dancing to the rhythms of South America. Read More

Adventures Group 4

Can’t believe we are on our final week of Summer Connections. Read More

Adventures Group 5

South America is the fourth-largest continent made up of 12 independent countries and three territories. Read More

Adventures Group 6

Group 6 explored several different types of maps of South America this week. Read More

Art (Adventures)

This week campers made Molas from Columbia with construction paper as they cut out animal shapes. Read More

Art ( Discoveries)

Carnival was the inspiration for our crafts this week! Read More

Sound of Music

Each day of our South American themed week, our campers delved into South American culture by singing songs in Spanish and practicing a song to learn all of the countries and capitals. Read More

Bodies in Motion

This week during Bodies in Motion class all students played a variety of elementary P.E. games and activities. Read More


This week we focused on reviewing all that we know about Yoga and how it is a wonderful life long tool. Read More


Our final destination on our travel across the world has taken us to South America. Read More


This week the campers in the Exploratorium investigated the properties of clay and gems by making “glitter stress balls.” Read More


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