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Age Range: Grades 5-8

Weekly Price: Varies by Offering (Prices listed in CampBrain)

Enrichment with D-E 360° Virtual Summer Connections 2020 is a modular program designed specifically for motivated learners in all grades 5+. Classes generally meet from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Monday – Friday. (Note: The Robotics Club meets on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00 PM.) The class schedule varies each week based on topics selected.  Enrichment courses allow students to pursue personal interests, to explore new subjects or to strengthen basic academic skills. These courses cover many disciplines including acting, online gaming, coding history, and other topics. Students may take as many Enrichment courses as they wish.

Each class challenges participants with age- and grade-appropriate problem-solving tasks in a variety of settings and disciplines. Drawing upon a wide range of human and technological resources, students are encouraged to develop the skills of working productively in both small and large groups. The nature of some of these courses allows for students to participate cooperatively since some students may have the necessary skills at a younger age to complete the curriculum being introduced. Students will enjoy an appropriate number of screen breaks during each one of their enrichment courses. These courses can be combined with music or dance lessons.

Please find below the listing of all our Enrichment courses.

Class Grades Teacher Week
Cardio Blast and Bootcamp Grades 6-8 Dijkstra Week 1
Creative Coding with Scratch Grades 5-8 Farrell Week 5, 6
Dramatic Rereading of Harry Potter Grades 5-8 Cannon Week 2
Dungeons and Dragons Grades 6-8 Lamber/Trentacosta Weeks 2, 4
Home Wood Crafting Grades 5-8 Aitken Week 1
Ocean Explorations Grades 5-8 Dobelle Week 5
Pictures Tell a Story: A Visual Art History Challenge Grades 5-8 Logan Weeks 1, 3
Robotics Club Grades 6-8 Birli Weeks 1-6
Stop Motion Animation: Video Exploration Grades 5-8 Aitken Week 2
Zoology Grades 5-8 Dobelle Week 6

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