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One-to-One Music Lessons

Age Range: Grades 1-12

Six-Week Price: $575

We are pleased to offer students in Grades 1-12 this Summer 2020 a variety of one-to-one, online lessons with highly qualified professionals who come from the worlds of classical performance, jazz, the New York theatre scene and well-respected venues around the world.  Our experienced music faculty have taught thousands of students to play instruments and helped them realize their dreams as performers.  The lessons will be individually scheduled after registration in CampBrain. The D-E 360° Virtual Summer Connections 2020 One-to-One Music Lessons program in instrument and voice spans six (6) weeks.  Students will enjoy a weekly 45-minute session during Weeks 1- 5, plus a MasterClass in Week 6.  The MasterClass will feature our fine Music Faculty as well as all students scheduled for summer lessons. Check out the performance our faculty were able to create this spring. You will find a list of Faculty Biographies by clicking on the links below.

Our one-to-one Music Lesson sessions are available as follows:

Lessons Grades Teacher Week
Cello Grades 5+ Garcia Weeks 1-6
Cello Grades 1+ Burkhart Weeks 1-6
Clarinet, Flute or Saxophone Grades 1+ DeBellis Weeks 1-6
College BFA Prep/Audition Technique/Repertoire/Presentation Grades 9-12 Hermalyn Weeks 1-6
French Horn Grades 1+ Boxmeyer Weeks 1-6
Guitar Grades 1+ Peare Weeks 1-6
Percussion/Drumming Grades 5+ Norton Weeks 1-6
Piano Grades 5+ Farnham Weeks 1-6
Sax, Clarinet or Flute Grades 1+ Newlen Weeks 1-6
Trombone Grades 5+ Caprell Weeks 1-6
Trumpet Grades 3+ Steinberg Weeks 1-6
Violin Grades 1+ Heifets Weeks 1-6
Violin or Viola Grades 5+ Place Weeks 1-6
Violin or Viola Grades 5+ Kridler Weeks 1-6
Voice Grades 1+ Phillips Weeks 1-6
Voice/Acting Grades 5+ Hermalyn Weeks 1-6
West African Drumming Grades 5+ Levin Weeks 1-6

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