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Scholars Classes for Academic Advancement

Age Range: Grades 9-12

Weekly Price: Varies by Offering (Prices listed in CampBrain)

Scholars Classes for Academic Achievement with D-E 360° Virtual Summer Connections 2020 are scheduled generally between 9:00 AM to 12:00 Monday-Friday, with appropriate breaks.

Our approach to distance learning begins with the premise that the classes teachers design when school is in session cannot simply be replicated online. In particular, teachers are expected to employ alternative methods for providing feedback to support student growth and learning. Distance learning with D-E 360° Virtual Summer Connections  2020 does not seek to emulate a regular school day schedule; rather, it provides learning experiences and opportunities for connection between students and faculty/staff.  In addition, work is designed to provide students with autonomous and/or asynchronous learning as well as connected time online.  To cover the material as best we can under the circumstances, High School students taking Scholars Advancement courses can expect 9 – 12 hours of work per week. Much of the success of these classes depends on the student putting in the effort to do their best.

Each school and district varies in their policies regarding course credit for summer work; hence we recommend that you check with your school if you are seeking credit hours for any of our Scholars Academic Advancement Courses. In terms of assessments, we will offer a combination of traditional quizzes and tests – facilitated by DigiExam, an app that helps to ensure a secure testing environment on a digital platform – and the creation of a student portfolio of their work using Google Suite. Students will be able provide to schools a record of  the work they complete over the summer to their 10-month schools for review. Click here for more information from our Scholars Director.

Class Grades Teacher Week
Advancement Algebra I Grades 7+ Goodman Weeks 1-5
Advancement Algebra II Grades 9-12 Yavorski Weeks 1-5
Advancement Computer Programming Grades 9-12 Iwanski/Fontaine/Shaw Weeks 1-5
Advancement Chemistry Grades 9-12 Dove Weeks 1-5
Advancement Geometry Grades 9-12 Park Weeks 1-5
Advancement Pre-Calculus Grades 9-12 Drummond Weeks 1-5
Creative Writing (Authors’ Corner) Grades 9-12 Meserole Weeks 1-5
Stayed on Freedom:” Exploring the American Civil Rights Movement Grades 7-10 Buggs & Carragher Weeks 3-5
Write Your Self: How to Write Personal Narratives Grades 9-12 Frankel Weeks 1-5
Advancement Physics Grades 9-12 Dove Weeks 1-5

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