20 May

The 2016 Olympics: Great Lessons Our Children Will Learn This Summer

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D-E 360 Summer Connections are inspired this summer to celebrate the Olympics. It’s not only fun, but it’s also educational. There’s a big world out there, and the Olympic games offer our children enrolled in the Discoveries and Adventures programs (Preschool – Grade 4) a chance to explore history, culture, language, sports and food.

By focusing on the great competitive events that will bring the world’s major continents (North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe) together in Brazil for Summer 2016, we’ll also help children learn some pretty important life lessons as well: the difference practice/perseverance makes, sportsmanship shaped by grace and kindness, the value of cultural and economic diversity, and the collective impact of teamwork.

The themes we’ve planned are outlined below. Whether your child joins us for one week or the whole summer, the Olympic themes will surely provide lots of energetic learning.

Discoveries and Adventures Theme: OLYMPICS 2016

  • Summer Starter Week – Week One: June 27-July 1
    • Opening Ceremonies: Olympic values, symbols, mascots, and sportsmanship
  • Week Two: July 5-July 8
    • Olympic City: Rio de Janeiro: Olympic election, technology, architecture and Brazilian culture
  • Week Three: July 11-July 15
    • Olympic History: Olympic origins, games of the past, and daily life in Ancient Greece
  • Week Four: July 18-July 22
    • Olympic Legends and Heroes: World’s greatest athletes, historical figures and their contributions to the games
  • Week Five: July 25-July 29
    • Olympic Rings: Exploring Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe
  • Week Six: August 1-August 5
    • Winter Games and Paralympics: Interdisciplinary Study of the Winter Games and Paralympics
  • Week Seven: August 8-August 12
    • Summer Olympics: Interdisciplinary Study of the Summer Games
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