21 Jul

Enriching Sports Sessions, Health and Safety, & More!

Sports, Gardening (and more) “Enrich” SC 2016!

Students in Grades 5-12 have the opportunity through D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) to fully enrich their summer 2016 with fun Enrichment Program sessions in sports, as well as outdoor gardening, the arts, and so much more.  The various Enrichment sessions noted below are just the tip of the iceberg!  Click here  to learn more and register online today, but hurry!  Spaces are filling up fast!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.38.18 AMLacrosse

  • This course is available for boys and girls – from the beginner to the experienced lacrosse player, our camps provide a challenge to every camper! Athlete’s skill level and overall team play will dramatically improve over the course of the camp week as they learn about each field position!
  • Dates: JULY 25-29, 10:40 AM – 12:50 PM
  • Cost:  $175

Soccer Academy

  • Soccer Academy provides players with intense training and game-like experiences that will enhance the athlete’s overall style of play. The athlete’s foot speed and skills will blossom, while their knowledge for the game will flourish. Great for beginners, or advanced levels of play! Players participate in groups based on age and skills focusing on fundamental aspects of soccer.  Click here to learn more!
  • Dates: JULY 25-29, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Cost:  $175
Building a Sustainable Garden
  • Campers will be able to plant, tend, (and hopefully harvest and eat) organic vegetables in the school’s garden while learning the basic concepts behind the idea of sustainable farming. Each class will experience the entire process of “farm to fork” hands on by working collaboratively and then preparing at least one snack from vegetables we harvest!
  • Dates: JULY 25-29, 8:20 AM – 10:30 AM
  • Cost:  $175

Sports Medley

  • Students will learn the basic philosophies and strategies of sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, team handball and others through drills and game-play via games and round robin tournaments!
  • Dates: JULY 25-29, 8:20 AM – 10:30 AM & AUGUST 8-12; 10:40 AM – 12:50 PM
  • Cost:  $175

Lawn Sports 

  • Lawn sports are a great way to get outside without getting too sweaty or dirty. They are an opportunity for the game lover, the athlete, and the book worm to all compete on a level playing field! Students will learn and get a chance to play several lawn sports including bocce, croquet, and Frisbee golf.
  • Dates: AUGUST 1-5; 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Cost:  $175

Flag Football 

  • For some boys and girls, this co-ed class may be their first experience with football or with any organized team sport. The experienced teachers on staff will make the learning fun for all students!
  • Dates: AUGUST 8-12; 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Cost:  $175

LIVE! SC Showcase Events Tomorrow, Friday, July 22!  

Families and friends are invited and encouraged to attend the following end-of-session “Summer Showcase” events from our Enrichment campers, tomorrow, Friday, July 22:

  • “Make ‘Em Laugh” (An Improv Show) – 8:40 AM, Hajjar Auditorium
  • An Exhibit for “Optical Illusions” – 10:40 AM -12:50 PM, Umpleby Hall Lobby
  • Enrichment Theater Students present an Afternoon of Comedy! “Touched By An Alien” & “Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate” – 12:00 PM, Hajjar Auditorium and “Time Flies” & “The Spot” – 2 PM, Hajjar Auditorium

Students First @ SC: Health and Safety

Summer is a great time for our campers, especially those in Grades 5-12,  to explore their passions and interests beyond the norm of the classroom experience.  Our programs, which include everything from gardening to crafts to electronics, provide direct hands-on learning for our D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) participants. The safety and security of all our campers is of the utmost concern.  We hope you can help us by speaking with your child(ren) about what they might encounter while they are with us.  Below is additional information about health and safety considerations at SC. Click here for more details.

 Tools, Equipment & Materials: Many of our offerings involve working with tools, equipment, and materials that may be new to some students.   Our SC faculty/teaching assistants provide instruction and supervision to ensure Students are using this equipment and materials as safely as possible.   In the event of injury, our SC Director of Health is available to assist.

Pokemon Go: We are aware that some students are actively playing Pokemon Go on campus during breaks and lunch.  We are monitoring our driveways and campus perimeter to ensure the safety and well being of our students. We would appreciate if you would also talk to your children at home to remind them to be aware of their surroundings and to be cautious when engaging in this activity.

Heat: With recent high heat indexes (related to high temperatures/humidity), our SC faculty and teaching assistants are especially focused on ensuring that Students stay cool. Please talk with your child about the impact of heat. Should he/she experience any of the following heat related symptoms, the student should reach out to our Health Director immediately: Confusion; dark-colored urine (which is a sign of dehydration); dizziness; fainting; fatigue; headache; muscle or abdominal cramps; nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea;  pale skin; profuse sweating; rapid pulse/heartbeat.

Hydration: Recent high heat indexes can also cause dehydration.  Students are strongly encouraged to arrive at camp with water canteens and to refill them often. We also have some re-usable Summer Connections water bottles for purchase. Water fountains are located in various locations around the D-E campus.   In addition, there is a water station above Leggett Field. In addition to staying hydrated, students are encouraged to wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing in light colors. SC faculty and teaching assistants are also focused on reminding students to stay hydrated and be attentive to signs of dehydration, including excessively dry lips and tongue, sunken eyes, dizziness and/or loss of energy.

 Sunscreen: We strongly urge SC parents, especially those parents of our youngest Discoveries & Adventures campers, to apply sunscreen on their child(ren) before bringing them to camp.  Older campers should consider bringing sunscreen to re-apply during the course of the day.

Adventures Field Trip Fun!

The photos below are just a few from our Adventures campers’ field trip this week, to watch the NJ Jackals play at Yogi Berra Stadium!  For more photos and further details on the goings-on of our youngest campers in (both) the Discoveries & Adventures  (D&A) Program, check out the “D&A Weekly Updates” posts, all located above right and/or below (on your mobile device)!


Welcome to D-E 360!

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