03 Aug

Adventures Group 2

Adios, Amigos! Hard to believe it’s our last week in Camp Adventures—-the past six weeks have flown by! Group 2 kids were lively, sweet, and a lot of fun. It was a pleasure getting to work with your child each day. Students learned all about South America for the final part of our “journey” this week. The Carnival/Carnaval on Wednesday was a highlight and a nice way to come together as a group before saying goodbye. I wish you and your family all the best these last weeks before school starts…time for fun and relaxation. Hope to see you next summer!

27 Jul

Adventures Group 2

Group 2 says, “Jambo!” (That’s how to say “hello” in Swahili.) We spent a wonderful week in Africa. Students learned about some of the animals that live in the savanna, and we talked about natural resources, such as clean water. Students learned the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Our field trip to the United Nations was so cool! What a great culminating event for this year’s theme of “Passport Around the World.” Can’t believe it’s Week 6 already next week! We are off to South America for our final week at camp—the fun isn’t over yet!

20 Jul

Adventures Group 2

Bonjour! Group 2 spent the week learning about European architecture and art. We made Monet-style water lilies, and sunflowers like Van Gogh. Students learned about the Eiffel Tower as well. On Wednesday, we explored the Met and saw artwork by both of these artists in real

On another note, it was nice to see so many parents last week at our Meet and Greet. Thank you for coming! Next week, we are off to Africa.

13 Jul

Adventures Group 2

Greetings from Group 2 in Asia! We spent the week learning about the largest continent and the many countries that make up Asia. Students learned the basics of economics–needs and wants, money, and trade.  Our field trip on Wednesday to the Rubin Museum was great! We saw lots of buddhist art and had fun making mandalas. On Friday, students welcomed their parents into our classroom and showed off all that we’ve been working on. Next week, we are headed to Europe!

06 Jul

Adventures Group 2

G’ Day, Mates! After welcoming the newest campers to our class, Group 2 spent the week learning about the land “Down Under.” We learned about Australia’s geography and the animals that live there. Thursday’s trip to the Bronx Zoo reminded us that we need to do our part to help conserve ALL of our planet’s beautiful creatures.
Next week, we’re off to Asia!

29 Jun

Group 2

Red, White, Blue…and Group Two!

We kicked off our worldwide tour this week close to home, in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Students learned about our nation’s symbols and we’ve started getting to know one another, discovering that although we are all different, we have many things in common. Now, THAT is what makes

America great!

05 Aug

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento

Summer Athletes

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 2 campers will learn about the training, dedication, and resources needed to participate in the Olympics and the summer games in particular!  Campers will also  use their creativity to design a “new” event named “The Olympic Challenge” including creating a name, rules, and qualifications!
  • In addition, campers will learn about various summer Olympic events and design a course route for the summer event of their choosing. They will also be finishing up their “Olympic Park” projects – using various materials (small boxes/construction paper/paper towel holders/etc.) to build a 3D replica of an Olympic park.
29 Jul

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento 

Paralympic Challenge!

  • During the week of August 1, our Adventures Group 2 campers will learn about Paralympics athletes, including the training, dedication, and resources they need.
  • Together our campers will participate in a “Paralympic Challenge” as they do various events while using only one arm or leg for support. In the process they’ll gain an important understanding of the dedication and resolve of these very special athletes.
  • Additionally we will learn about the winter Olympics and design our very own course routes for various winter sports.
  • Work will also continue on our “Olympic Park” — a model of a real Olympic facility!
21 Jul

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento 

Exploring the Olympics!

  • During the week of July 25, our Adventures: Group 2 campers will explore the great lands of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe as they learn about specific traditions celebrated by different countries within these continents and then create interactive maps based on their findings.
  • We will also learn about and create flags from countries around the world, eventually linking all of our flags together to unite everyone!
  • Our campers are also continuing to work on their original  “Olympic Park” (model) project — a replica of a real Olympic park using a lot of crafts supplies creative energy, and ideas!
14 Jul

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento

All About Me, “Olympic Edition”

  • During the week of July 18 our Adventures: Group 2 campers will learn about the training involved in becoming an Olympic athlete, and then create “All About Me” posters based on their findings.
  • We will also learn about various past and present Olympic athletes and play a fun “Who’s Who” game to identity these athletes
  • We look forward to also exploring the various uniforms worn by Olympic athletes, as well as why specific styles are beneficial to each sport, with our campers then creating their own “Olympic uniforms”  for a sport of their choosing.
  • We will also continue work on our group’s 3D replica of an Olympic park!
07 Jul

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento

Rings, Medals & More!

  • During the week of July 11, our Adventures: Group 2 campers will make Olympics-inspired games to then share with family and friends, including a ring toss.  By week’s end they will also have designed a “5 Interlocking Rings” creative project, and they will have full knowledge of the history of the rings in the Olympics!
  • Our campers will also study and make samples of Olympic medals, choosing from gold, silver, or bronze, and with some creative use of cardboard, construction paper, and other crafts supplies, they will build together a 3D replica of an Olympic park, complete with basketball courts, golf course, bike trails, and more!
30 Jun

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento: 

Campers are artists in the making!

Next week we look forward to:

  • Rimero Britto Art: The children will design Britto like pieces using Olympic themes as inspiration. (Britto is a Brazilian artist)
  • Greek Columns: The children will build Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns.
  • Olympic Trials: The children will learn how athletes prepare for the summer games.
  • Olympic Park: The children will use various materials (small boxes/construction paper/paper towel holders/etc.) to build a 3D replica of the Olympic Park. The replica will include basketball courts, a golf course, bike trail, to name a few of MANY. (This is an all-summer project.)
27 Jun


by Mrs. Simone` Aynilian:

Olympics Skills Challenge this week to kick off our summer!

  • Activities, challenges, games. Leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit on Leggett Field.
  • Trip to High Exposure Action Adventure on Wednesday, June 29. Sporting facility with obstacles high off and low to the ground. Builds strength and courage and develops friendship and teamwork. Online waiver must be filled out in order for campers to participate. https://app.rockgympro.com/tablet/highexposureclimbing
  • Theme Thursday: Thursday, June 30- Culture Day! Wear something to show your pride for your culture or heritage!
27 Jun

Adventures: Art

by Ms. Amanda Wilson

Adventures in art await!

  • Campers will learn about line, shape, color and symbols in art.
  • They will create an Olympics ring poster with printmaking techniques and paint.
  • They will also make an art journal; which they will work on the weeks they are here.
  • They will be using washable paint the first two weeks they are here. Make sure they are wearing suitable clothing.
27 Jun

Adventures: Cooking/Spanish/Drama

by Ms. Sandra Buritica: 

Bienvenidos to our first week of SC 2016!

  • Students will learn and sing the “Greetings of the Day Song” in Spanish. (Buenos Dias, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches).
  • Students will learn how to count up to 15 in Spanish.
  • Students will learn how to say “My name is in Spanish” (Mi nombres).
  • Students will learn about the Brazilian Flag, where the Summer Olympics are taking place.
  • I’ll read The Little Red Hen in Spanish and we will discuss the characters and learn their names in Spanish: La Gallina, El Perro, El Gato, y El Pato.
  • Students will learn how to bake bread and make connections to the story: La Gallinita Roja
  • Students will take turns introducing themselves as the characters in the story.
27 Jun

Adventures: Exploratorium

 by Ms. Doran Muus:

Science Comes Alive in the Exploratorium

Next week we will look forward to the following adventures:

  • Build & examine a skeleton with a large floor puzzle
  • Color & make wearable paper model of an arm bone
  • Color & make wearable paper model of a spine
  • Color & make wearable paper model of hands and finger bones
  • Measure our arm and leg bones
  • Make & attach a model of muscles to arm bone
  • Make model of a brain using Playdoh
27 Jun

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento: 

Campers get the chance to start working on exciting projects for the summer!

  • Adventurers get to study and craft all about Laurel Wreath.
  • We will learn five life lessons from watching the Olympics along with learning about Rio Olympic Pictograms.
  • Campers learn all about Brazil as they work on fun projects!
  • Campers also get the chance to make their very own 3D replica of an Olympic Park by the end of the summer!