02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Groups 3 Update

This week Group 3 had a magical time exploring fantasy world. Students read several fairy tales and learned about characters while acting them out. They created a mythical kingdom with magical dragons and unicorns as well as puppets. During the Fantastical Faire, parents and students completed the Humpty Dumpty Challenge where they created a force field to protect Humpty during the fall. The faces of each family working together and having fun was priceless. Thank you Group 3 for a fabulous final week!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Groups 3 Update

Group 3 had a blast exploring the galaxy. We read and discovered facts about the planets and replicated our favorite one. After reading about aliens, Group 3 created their own alien spaceship to fly around. On the field trip to the Hudson River Museum, students enjoyed the planetarium and visited the earth, moon, and sun. They also created and launched rockets! Finally to celebrate Camp Kindness Day, Group 3 spun the kindness wheel to choose how they would spread kindness at DE. What an amazing week!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

It’s been a busy week for Group 2 & 3 as they explored Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation. Students worked in stations to learn coding basics at code.org (a free site you can check out at home), created pathways and codes for Ozobots, investigated the basics of electricity through Snap Circuits, and completed STEM challenges. Our campers also listened to several read-alouds about famous women in the fields of math and technology. 

We’re blasting off next week into Our World Beyond: Space and Solar Systems.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

Group 2 & 3 had a DINO-mite time exploring Our World Before: Prehistory, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Worlds this week at camp! We made a large diorama as a class, with each student creating a plant, animal, or land form to show what the world looked like 60 million years ago. Students listened to a great new nonfiction book, Titanosuar, and learned about the largest dinosaur which was recently uncovered in Argentina. It was awesome to see the actual model of the Patagotitan Mayorum at the Museum on Wednesday!

Next week: the future looks bright as we welcome new campers to Group 2 & 3, and discover Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation.

03 Jul

SC 2019 Week 2 Adventures Group 3 Update

This week Group 3 explored Our Natural World with literacy, language, and crafts. We discussed how animals protect themselves and researched sea creatures.  Students also learned how to sign various plants and animals in American Sign Language. In preparation of the upcoming holiday, students reviewed U.S. symbols. They each created a patriotic pinwheel of their own. Week 2 was another one in the record books, full of fun and learning for Group 3!

28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Adventures Group 3 Update  

Group 3 had a blast using their creative keys to open new doors of exploration. While making new friends, student learned about how transportation has changed over time. They created artwork using cars that they painted. Student also learned how to express various transportation and community worker names in American sign language. At Stickley Museum, students gained knowledge about various structures and how techniques have changed over time. While touring the house of Gustav Stickley, students viewed handmade future while transported back into the year of 1911. They enjoyed seeing how people lived during that time and had an opportunity to create a clay art piece. Week 1 was great start to a wonderful summer at SC 2019!

03 Aug

Adventures Group 3

The week Group 3 had an amazing time dancing to the rhythms of South America. Campers created their own percussion instruments and flags to parade in the festive Carnival. We explored the diverse cultures of the continent, it’s rich wildlife, and tropical weather. Group 3 also focused on the love of football (soccer) across the continent. After learning about the popular pastime and recent World Cup games, Group 3 crafted a paper soccer game. This week we received our final passport stamp, but campers in Group 3 will continue to explore the world around them every day!

27 Jul

Adventures Group 3

This week Group 3 had a wonderful time exploring the continent of Africa. Children  were able to learn about the amazing natural resources of this land and all it can be used for. Campers created drums, artwork, and fishing poles that are often made with natural materials. The trip to the United Nations allowed Group 3 to see why it is important to preserve these resources and how working together with other countries is effective. Group 3 didn’t want to leave Africa but we are taking off to travel to one more continent during Week 6!

20 Jul

Adventures Group 3

Europe is well known for its historical architect. This week Group Three had fun exploring these sculptures through text, media, and art. Campers learner about Big Ben and created their own Eiffel Tower. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they were able the explore creations from around the world. Children were able to compare and contrast different forms of architectural design. Week 4 in Europe was a blast, can’t to travel again next week!

13 Jul

Adventures Group 3

Traveling to Asia was a blast for Group 3. Students enjoyed learning about different money from various areas of the continent and creating their own person dollar bill. Group 3 explored the development of trade, exchange, and making a purchase. We discussed earning money and the difference between purchasing goods or services. By reading “Mr. Lucky Straw”, students were able to retell the characters journey of trade and also learn how important kindness and generosity is. The field trip to the Rubin Museum was an amazing experience including the tour and the hands-on workshop where students created their very own mandala. Special thank you to the families who sent in activities for your child to share about Asia. We look forward to the classroom visit on Friday! There is always great learning and fun when traveling with Group 3. Let’s see where Week 4 will take us!

06 Jul

Adventures Group 3

This week Group 3 had a wonderful time down under! Children were able to explore the habitats of kangaroos and koalas. Learning new facts about each animal and creating masks were so much fun. Group 3 was amazed to discover the history of boomerangs. They designed a paper boomerang with so much flare! The group also discussed language and practiced their names in Aussie Sign Language. The trip to the Bronx Zoo was the highlight of the week. The guided tour provided students with a small informative adventure. Traveling to each animal and learning interesting facts made Group 3 smile. Giraffes, fish, birds, monkeys, bears, and reptiles are just a few of the animals observed. Group 3’s passport stamp to Australia was well deserved. Can’t wait to travel again during Week 3!

29 Jun

Group 3

The children in Group 3 had an amazing start to their trip around the world! Receiving their first passport stamp in North America, included gaining fun new facts about some of the 23 countries in the continent. Students learned about many patriotic symbols and created a hand-stamped Statue of Liberty. Group 3 also investigated rocks and minerals. They sorted their collections by size, shape, color, and texture. This hands-on in class activity had them prepared to explore Sterling Mineral Mine. Students enjoyed the tour of the mine and collecting ore. It was wonderful to see what they have studied come to life. Using the globe and reading text during Interdisciplinary Themed Instruction also made Group 3’s North America visit so excited. We can’t wait to travel again next week!

04 Aug

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi

Medals, Mascots, and More!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 3 campers will work on projects and activities that relate to the Olympics summer games and events  taking place right now in Rio!
  • Additionally, we will discuss and learn about medal counts, countries, sporting events, mascots, and the tradition of the Olympics’ opening ceremony events.
29 Jul

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi

Winter Olympics and Paralympic Sports!

  • During the week of August 1, Adventures Group 3 campers will engage in various activities and projects that relate to different Winter and Paralympic sports.
  • Our campers will also discuss the history of the winter Olympics and Paralympics, and athletes who participate in these (other) games.
21 Jul

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi 

Exploring Continents!

  • For the week of July 25, our Adventures: Group 3 campers will learn about the five  continents around the world which are represented in the five Olympic rings, including the geography, weather, and the different cultures of those five continents.
  • We will also look forward to working on projects that focus on certain countries within the five continents, and how these specific countries are involved in, represent, and view the traditions of the Olympic games.
14 Jul

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi 

Campers by Day, Olympic Heroes by Night!

  • During the week of July 18, our Adventures: Group 3 campers will learn about and discuss together what makes a truly great athlete.
  • We also will engage in activities and projects about Olympic heroes from the past, present, and possibly the future!
07 Jul

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi 

Ancient Greece vs. Greece Today, Aesop’s Fables

  • During the week of July 11, our Adventures: Group 3 campers will take on a fun compare/contrast exercise, learning about both the historical and present-day Olympic games.  From this activity, we will then draw conclusions into Greek life from both yesterday and today!
  • Campers will also experience a ‘reader’s theater’ in which we’ll break out into groups, read scripts of Aesop’s fables, and then perform for each other!
30 Jun

Adventures: Group 3

by Ms. Suhna Pi:

Fun Facts about Brazil!

Next week we look forward to the following:

  • Learning fun facts about Brazil (interesting facts, animals, sports, food, etc…)
  • Learning about the Olympics Rio Mascots
  • Comparing and contrasting all the Olympics sports this summer with winter sports
27 Jun


by Mrs. Simone` Aynilian:

Olympics Skills Challenge this week to kick off our summer!

  • Activities, challenges, games. Leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit on Leggett Field.
  • Trip to High Exposure Action Adventure on Wednesday, June 29. Sporting facility with obstacles high off and low to the ground. Builds strength and courage and develops friendship and teamwork. Online waiver must be filled out in order for campers to participate. https://app.rockgympro.com/tablet/highexposureclimbing
  • Theme Thursday: Thursday, June 30- Culture Day! Wear something to show your pride for your culture or heritage!
27 Jun

Adventures: Art

by Ms. Amanda Wilson

Adventures in art await!

  • Campers will learn about line, shape, color and symbols in art.
  • They will create an Olympics ring poster with printmaking techniques and paint.
  • They will also make an art journal; which they will work on the weeks they are here.
  • They will be using washable paint the first two weeks they are here. Make sure they are wearing suitable clothing.

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