03 Aug

Adventures Group 5

South America is the fourth-largest continent made up of 12 independent countries and three territories. Together we read the following picture books to learn about the South American cultures:  A True Book South America by Libby Koponen, Exploring Continents South Americaby Alexis Roumanis, Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood, The Magic Bean Tree A Legend From Argentina by Nancy Van Laan, Love and Roast Chicken A Trickster Tale From the Andes Mountains by Barbara Knutson, and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

Each student designed a small plate with a creative designs and instruments from recycled materials just like children in Paraguay created in Ada’s Violin.  We are enjoying traveling with James to a life of fun and adventure as we complete reading James and the Giant Peach during siesta.

We enjoyed spending the past six summer weeks with your children.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!!

27 Jul

Adventures Group 5

Africa is a continent rich in resources and holds the world’s longest river, the Nile.  We learned about this continent by reading A True Book – Africa by Mel Friedman, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe, We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs, and Mama Panya’s Pancakes by Mary and Rich Chamberlin.  The students used their weaving skills to create paper kente cloth and colorful necklaces similar to those worn in Africa. Everyone learned about the importance of using our resources respectful, so resources will be available for years to come.  During siesta we are entering a fantasy world with James while reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

20 Jul

Adventures Group 5

Europe has many famous structures and artwork to observe and research.  Together we learned about the art and architecture of Europe by reading: Art is… by Bob Raczka, Young Frank Architect by Frank Viva, 13 Buildings Children Should Know by Annette Roader, Adventure Homes by Gerry Bailey, and Buildings by Karen Hosack.  We watched the movie From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler so when we visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art we could track Claudia and Jamie’s journey through the museum.  Group 5 architects explored their creativity by designing their own structures and artwork.  We continue to learn about the importance of standing by your friends and always being kind as we are reading Wonder.

13 Jul

Adventures Group 5

Asia is filled with a rich and colorful history which we learned more about through reading and research.  As few of the picture books we read together are: A True Book: Asia  by Gary Drevitch, The Trip Back Home by Janet S. Wong, We’re Riding on a Caravan: An Adventure on the Silk Road by Laurie Krebs, The Great Wall by Elizabeth Mann, and Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein. The students made paper lanterns to led them to happiness, ornamental fans to stay “cool,” mini tea cups for a delicious sip of tea, and dragons symbolizing power, strength, and good luck.  As we read Wonder during siesta we are continuing to learn the importance of building respectful relationships with our families and friends.

06 Jul

Adventures Group 5

Throughout Week 2 we learning about all the unique & amazing Australian animals and landscape.  We read the following picture books: Australian Animals by Caroline Arnold, Wombat Walkabout by Carol Diggory Shields, and Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein. Pointillism, artwork using tiny dots with various colors, was used to create pictures of animals and scenes of Australia.  Colorful scrapbook paper was used to design prints of Australian animals. During siesta we are continuing to follow August in Wonder as we learn to always stand by your friends and classmates.

29 Jun

Group 5

Week 1 – Group 5

Group 5 student learned about the symbols that represent America: the American flag, the bald eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and the White House.   Together we read the picture books: A True Book  North America by LIbby Koponen, I Am America by Charles R. Smith Jr., and Off We Go To Mexico: An Adventure in the Sun by Laurie Krebs & Christopher Corr.  Each student made a picture graph of the American Flag, a heart-filled handprint, and a bald eagle.   During siesta we are reading Wonder and learning the importance of always choosing to be kind!  

05 Aug

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller 

“Mini” Olympic Games!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 5 campers will read the books Swifter, Higher, Stronger: A Photographic History of The Summer Olympics by Sue Macy,Summer Olympics by Clive Gifford, Olympia – Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece by David Kennett, and The Olympics by Matt Christopher.
  • Throughout the week, we will compete in our own mini Olympics including jumping, stretching, and rolling different objects.
  • We will also look forward to using the art of pointillism to create unique Olympic watercolors!
28 Jul

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller

Olympic Games Topography

  • During the week of August 1, Adventures Group 5 campers will read together Freeze Frame: A Photographic History of The Winter Olympics by Sue Macy, Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester, High-Tech Olympics by Nick Hunter, & Modern Olympics by Haydn Middleton.
  • We also look forward to doing research on the topography of the past winter Olympics, and go through a compare/contrast exercise with the summer Olympics.
  • Our campers will also each design a logo for the next winter Olympics!
21 Jul

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller

Researching Olympic History!

  • During the week of July 25, our Adventures: Group 5 campers will be reading aloud Olympics Record Breakers by Jo-Ann Barnas, The World’s Greatest Olympians by Michael Hurleyand other informational/research texts about the Olympics and its history.
  • We look forward to also researching the significance of the five Olympic rings and how their ‘continental connections’.
  • During siesta we will continue to read The Good Dog by Avi, to discover if McKinley(the main character) will remain the leader of the pack!
14 Jul

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Muller

Legends vs Heroes: Athlete Analysis

  • During the Week of July 18 our Adventures: Group 5 campers will read aloud picture books including How to Train With a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals by Michael Phelps; Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Olympic Gold by Deloris Jordan; and Who Was Jesse Owens? by James Buckley Jr.
  • Together we will also research what makes an athlete a legend or a hero!  Each camper will select an athlete they admire and research character traits and values that enable them to achieve their goals. Then they will use this information to reflect on their own characteristics and aspirations and create a poster representing their thoughts!
07 Jul

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller

Olympics-Inspired Activities Abound!

  • During the week of July 11, our Adventures: Group 5 campers will enjoy Olympics-themed literature!  We plan to read together and be inspired by books including The First Olympics of Ancient Greece by Lisa M. Bolt Simons, The Wildest Race Ever by Meghan McCarthy, Lewis Tewanima: Born to Run by Sharon K. Solomon, and Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull.
  • Together our campers will also learn about and create their own Olympic laurel (head leaf) wreaths, and, with help from our Teaching Assistants (TAs), we will design our very own competitive group “athlon” — the Greek word for contest!
30 Jun

Adventure: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller: 

Campers read all about Brazil!

  • Campers learned this week about the culture and customs of Brazil when reading Festivals of the World Brazil by Gareth Stevens Publishing,  Foods of Brazil by Barbara Sheen, A True Book Brazil by Tara Walters, and How Night Came From the Sea A Story From Brazil Retold by Mary-Joan Gerson. They even made Carnival Cans! Campers also studied  the architecture of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Village.
  • Next week we will design Tin-Can Vehicles (We need small to medium sized cardboard boxes.  If anyone has extra boxes to donate we can use them.  Thanks!)


27 Jun


by Mrs. Simone` Aynilian:

Olympics Skills Challenge this week to kick off our summer!

  • Activities, challenges, games. Leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit on Leggett Field.
  • Trip to High Exposure Action Adventure on Wednesday, June 29. Sporting facility with obstacles high off and low to the ground. Builds strength and courage and develops friendship and teamwork. Online waiver must be filled out in order for campers to participate. https://app.rockgympro.com/tablet/highexposureclimbing
  • Theme Thursday: Thursday, June 30- Culture Day! Wear something to show your pride for your culture or heritage!
27 Jun

Adventures: Art

by Ms. Amanda Wilson

Adventures in art await!

  • Campers will learn about line, shape, color and symbols in art.
  • They will create an Olympics ring poster with printmaking techniques and paint.
  • They will also make an art journal; which they will work on the weeks they are here.
  • They will be using washable paint the first two weeks they are here. Make sure they are wearing suitable clothing.
27 Jun

Adventures: Cooking/Spanish/Drama

by Ms. Sandra Buritica: 

Bienvenidos to our first week of SC 2016!

  • Students will learn and sing the “Greetings of the Day Song” in Spanish. (Buenos Dias, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches).
  • Students will learn how to count up to 15 in Spanish.
  • Students will learn how to say “My name is in Spanish” (Mi nombres).
  • Students will learn about the Brazilian Flag, where the Summer Olympics are taking place.
  • I’ll read The Little Red Hen in Spanish and we will discuss the characters and learn their names in Spanish: La Gallina, El Perro, El Gato, y El Pato.
  • Students will learn how to bake bread and make connections to the story: La Gallinita Roja
  • Students will take turns introducing themselves as the characters in the story.
27 Jun

Adventures: Exploratorium

 by Ms. Doran Muus:

Science Comes Alive in the Exploratorium

Next week we will look forward to the following adventures:

  • Build & examine a skeleton with a large floor puzzle
  • Color & make wearable paper model of an arm bone
  • Color & make wearable paper model of a spine
  • Color & make wearable paper model of hands and finger bones
  • Measure our arm and leg bones
  • Make & attach a model of muscles to arm bone
  • Make model of a brain using Playdoh
27 Jun

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller

Campers get the chance to read and learn fascinating facts about Olympics!

  • They will be able to read aloud the books: Olympics! By: B.G.Hennessy, G is for Gold Medal by Brad Herzog, The World of Olympics by Nick Hunter, & Great Moments in the Summer Olympics by Matt Christopher
  • Campers will also learn about “An Athlete’s Creed” and discover the three main Olympic symbols!
  • Throughout the summer they will get to design their very own Olympic torches & postage stamps!