26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Art – Discoveries Update

To Infinity and Beyond!  Discoveries Art blasted off this week into outer space.  Blue friends worked together to make a mural of our galaxy.  They worked diligently over a few days to paint the sun, planets, and constellations after researching their size, color, and distance from the Sun of each planet.  Yellow and Red friends created their own moon rocks with model magic, astronauts, and moon with bubble paint. They also enjoyed ¨cloud writing” with shaving cream on the tables.  All the children reflected on their favorite moments this summer with their friends and made a camp memory coaster out of tile. As we fly into next week, itś sure to be a Happily Ever After!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Art -Discoveries Update

This week in Discoveries Art, campers took a trip to the year 3000. We used the “Aging Booth” app to see what we would look like! Campers then took a closer look using mirrors to create self portraits of what they look like today. We then had some fun guessing who was who with lots of laughs! Lastly, each group created a robot together using recycled materials. The blue group decided they wanted to make a chef robot to surprise Senora Harrison. They added a chef hat and an apron and ¨whisked¨ Senora away! We are excited to blast off into space next week!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Art – Discoveries Update

The campers really made a ROAR this week in Discoveries Art learning all about the time of the dinosaurs.  Our art projects this week focused on drawing and cutting shapes, as well as making patterns for our dinosaur creations.  Collaboratively, the children decorated and painted bones to make a big dino-skeleton display.  Lastly and probably most enjoyable, the campers got to experience what it’s like to leave footprints by making their own dino-prints outside.  We are excited to STOMP our way into the future next week!

03 Jul

SC 2019 Week 2 Art – Discoveries Update

This week in Discoveries Art, the children had a short week filled with LOTS of activities.  We made yarn wrapped tulips to exercise our finger muscles for fine motor practice and used forks to make petals for our sunflower painting.  Collaboratively, we used our special hand prints to add spots to our cow craft.  The children also made pigs to add to our farm display.  They had a blast tracing each others arms and hands to make a giraffe.  Lastly, we had some 4th of July fun making fireworks with paint and recycled materials.  Up next, DINOSAURS!


27 Jul

Art (Discoveries)

Week 5: Africa

  • African drum and rattle
  • Lion mask
  • Mini walking sticks
  • Handprint flamingo
  • African necklace


During week five we focused African-inspired crafts and animals with projects that offer an array of sensory exploration, skills practice, and cognitive development through planning and problem solving.

Art projects…

Each child had the opportunity to learn and build on important skills for preschool and Kindergarten participation. They could learn and practice:

  • Fine motor skills with detailed drawing and coloring, tearing/cutting tape
  • Gross motor skills to rotate, not shake, the rattle so the beads swing; hold a round or irregular object while working with the surface
  • Proper scissor handling and cutting techniques
  • Hand-eye coordination and focus to place objects and thread beads
  • Planning skills in gathering materials to complete projects and the order in which they should be applied
  • Problem-solving skills to connect materials, keep beads from falling off, repair pieces that were initially unsuccessful

We had a roaring good time!

This week, all of the children got to be lions. Holding the mask up to their own face to pretend to be a lion, holding it up to your face to see you as a lion, and looking at the mask and making the lion roar back at them are all ways your child can learn to put themselves in others’ shoes. (And they love to peek behind and make sure it’s still you back there!) In the making of the masks, some children learned about symmetry and perfected details of their lion’s features. Others sharpened their observational skills and learned proper placement of features.

Our drum and necklace projects included discussions about shapes and patterns. Although only some children are at an age to practice patterning, it is important to provide awareness and observation as they develop.

The children also had the opportunity for sensory exploration. Based on the tradition of decorating tribal walking sticks with colorful patterned beads, they handled sticks (real sticks from actual trees which amazed them) with various textures and shapes, chose loose and drapey yarn, fuzzy yet stiff pipe cleaners, and small smooth beads. They also got their hands gooey and experienced direct printmaking with their handprint flamingo.

Confidence Grows with Accomplishment!
This week, we prioritized instilling confidence in one’s own abilities. While instruction and guidance was given, each child was encouraged to complete, or at least attempt, as much of the projects as they could with as little help as possible. It was wonderful to see their skills raised to the next level, the amount of focus they could apply when needed, and the look of joy on their faces when they realized they CAN accomplish a task on their own.

13 Jul


This week Adventures campers used rice paper and Xeroxes of Chinese, Japanese and Korean money to create collages based on the animal zodiac signs. This is the Year of the Dog.

Our Discoveries campers were excited to craft their way through Asia. We learned about several Asian countries and created Japanese cherry blossom trees, Chinese New Year Dragons, Rangoli inspired Mandalas and more!

29 Jun

Art -Discoveries

This week, campers explored different symbols of the countries in North America.  Campers learned the shapes of the American flags and The United States National bird with Handprint bald eagles. Campers also learned about our neighbors to the north and made watercolor Canadian flags and paper bag beaver puppets!

21 Jul

Discoveries: Art

by Ms. Robin Lehovitis 

Discoveries Campers, Budding Art Critics!

  • For the week of July 25, our Discoveries campers will be introduced to great artists Pablo Picasso, Barnett Newman, Robert Motherwell and Jackson Pollack, to name a few, and they will be encouraged to appreciate art through the perspective of an art critic.
  • In addition, campers will work on self portraits as they study vertical and horizontal lines in their artwork!


14 Jul

Discoveries: Art

 by Ms. Robin Lehovitis

Art Around the World!

  • During the week of July 18 our Discoveries campers will be introduced to contemporary and impressionist artists like Picasso, Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and MANY more!
  • Inspired by our Olympics theme this summer, we will also read Element of Art: Texture and Perspective  and learn about art from other countries and cultures, including Aboriginal art,  art made by indigenous Australian people.
30 Jun

Discoveries: Art

 by Ms. Robin Lehovitis: 

Campers get creative!

  • Introducing famous artists
  • Elements of Art: color, line, shape and now texture
  • Using collage to make landscapes
  • Using silhouette to make sunset landscapes with texture background
  • Concentrating on background and foreground
  • Painting with water then seeing where our cool colors go to revisit seascapes.
27 Jun


by Mrs. Stacy Carela:

Welcome! Here’s helpful information for our first week!

  • “DE Dismissal Sign”-Attached to the welcome letter, each family will receive a neon dismissal sign.  These signs will be placed on the passenger side dashboard of the cars during dismissal.  This will expedite pick-up and help identify Discoveries Campers versus Adventures.  If you would like to include the children’s names on the signs, you can write their names somewhere on the front of the card.
  • Water-Play will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • On Water Play days, send children already dressed in their bathing suits and covered with sun block.
  • Send a change of dry clothes for them to change into afterward.


27 Jun

Discoveries: Art

by Ms. Robin Lehovitis:

  • Welcome! You gotta have art!

    • First week we will be familiarizing the campers about the elements of Art and what it means to be an Artist.
    • We will start to sharpen our eyes by practicing shapes and coloring. We will focus on the circle. And look at how other artists use them in their work.
    • We will culminate the week discussing and drawing the Olympic rings.

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