02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Discoveries Red Group Update 

What a magical way to end our time together in Discoveries! The Red Group stepped into and explored our fantasy world as we experienced and lived through the fairy tales with our friends. We had an enchanting time listening to read alouds and telling the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. One of our favorite moments this week was acting out the characters and storyline of the fairy tales, especially The Three Little Pigs. Our friends learned the meaning of collaboration and communication as they worked as a team and explored their creative minds to build a beautiful Red Group Castle with blocks and manipulatives. Most of all, we had so much fun while learning, growing, and celebrating our last week together. We created so many amazing memories in Discoveries, and we are grateful for our families and friends for allowing us to be a part of this special summer!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Discoveries Red Group Update

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group had a blast learning all about space and our solar system! During our space exploration, our friends discovered that the sun is in the center of our family of planets. We learned about the planets in our solar system, such as that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and facts about earth. Our adventure then allowed us to land on the Moon. Through read alouds and discovery, our friends learned that the Moon has holes called craters, and it orbits the Earth. Our little astronauts were most excited to share and talk about gravity. Next week, we will enter the magical world of fairy tales, magic, and myths!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Discoveries Red Group Update

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group navigated our way through the digital world and explored technology and coding. We read aloud “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle to launch our discovery of patterns and sequencing. We focused on observing, determining, and completing patterns with various objects and colors. Our friends were also introduced to the first steps of coding by playing with arrows and direction in order to experiment with patterns and sequence to reach a destination. We learned how to count and move through our grid, taking turns being the “computer” and “programmer.” The Red Group is over the moon to blast off into next week as we learn all about space and the solar system!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Red Group Update 

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group traveled back in time to adventure through and explore the prehistoric times. We discovered the meaning of ancient and the important animals and symbols of this time. Our friends experienced a close-reading on picture books about dinosaurs and enhanced our learning by creating our own dinosaurs, as well as dinosaur skeletons and fossils. In addition to becoming paleontologists this week, we visited Ancient Greece and learned about pyramids and pharaohs of this civilization. Our friends are so excited to travel through time once again into our futuristic world next week!

03 Jul

SC 2019 Week 2 Discoveries Red Group Update

This week in Discoveries, our Red Group friends opened the door to our natural world of animals and plants! As we discovered what plants need to grow, we sang songs and explored picture books that supported our learning about the life of a plant. We created artwork with our hands and creativity to make trees and flowers while studying parts of a flower. Our friends also shared about the various types of vegetables and fruits that come from plants in different ways, including on trees, roots, top of the ground, and vines. Learning about animals, such as lions and turtles, was another highlight of our week. We had a blast this week and can’t wait for our next adventure as we travel back in time to “Our World Before!”

28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Discoveries Red Group Update 

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group explored and learned all about transportation and structures. Our friends had the opportunity to get to know one another during Morning Meeting as we practiced greeting each camper and sang songs about firetrucks, buses, boats, and more. We learned about the importance of transportation and how its purpose is to take us from one place to another. Our friends explored and discussed the various types of transportation, sorting them from the ones on land, in the air, and on water. Practicing our communication and team building skills, we worked together to build different structures, such as our homes, castles, and schools. Most importantly, the Red Group had a fun and adventurous time with our new friends! We are so excited to continue discovering and learning as we launch our next unit: Our Natural World- Animals and Plants!

03 Aug

Red Discoveries

The Red Group had a great time in South America this week! We learned about the Amazon Rainforest and the variety of animals that call it their home. Making the classroom a rainforest by pretending to be all the animals was so fun! We also danced to some South American music and had a blast at Carnival!

27 Jul

Red Discoveries

What an adventure we had traveling along the Nile River as we explored the wonders of Africa this week! Our friends in the Red Group had a blast listening and dancing to the beats and rhythm of African music. We filled the room with excitement and enthusiasm as we danced together and continued to enhance our motor skills. We enjoyed learning about and exploring the traditions and cultures of Africa through pictures, videos, songs, and read alouds. Our friends have truly become a strong team traveling and learning together, and we are looking forward to continuing our adventure in South America next week!

20 Jul

Red Discoveries Group

Ciao! Bonjour! Our Discoveries friends had a blast exploring the art and architecture of Europe this week. As we virtually traveled through Europe, we visited the London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, and Leaning Tower of Pisa. We stopped to admire the breathtaking artwork of Monet and Leonardo Da Vinci, The Water Lily Pond and The Mona Lisa. We enjoyed talking about the interesting parts of the architecture and the beautiful colors of the art. Our friends also practiced our coordination and motor skills through dancing and singing along with GoNoodle videos while learning about patterns and numbers. Get your passports ready to join us in our next adventure as we travel to Africa next week!

13 Jul

Red Discoveries

Our friends in Discoveries continued our adventure around the world as we explored and experienced the cultures of Asia this week. We learned how to greet one another and listened to familiar songs in the many languages that are spoken in Asia. We enjoyed listening to read alouds, sharing our ideas about the stories, and catching a glimpse of the cultures of Asia. As we learned about the symbols and animals of the different countries in this continent, our friends practiced our fine motor skills and collaborated with one another to craft a variety of symbols from Asia. Join us in our next adventure as we experience the art and architecture of Europe next week!

06 Jul

Red Discoveries

This week in Discoveries, the Red Group traveled across the world and all the way to Australia. Throughout our adventure, we learned about different animal species that can be found in Australia, such as koalas, kangaroos, and kookaburras. Our friends studied interesting facts about these fascinating animals, sang songs about them, and worked on art projects to create koalas and kangaroos with their joeys. We also had the opportunity to celebrate Theme Thursday by bringing in our own stuffed animal. We had so much fun sharing about our stuffed animals’ names and why they are so special to us. We hope you enjoyed Fourth of July with your family and friends! We are so excited to travel to Asia next week. See you there!

29 Jun

Red Discoveries

The Red Group kicked off our adventure in Discoveries by getting to know our new friends and traveling to North America together. Our friends practiced greeting one another, sharing our thoughts and excitement about the day, and singing songs during Morning Meeting. We listened to read alouds and learned about traveling with passports and on airplanes to see different parts of the world. We read a story that gave us the opportunity to explore the airport and the events that take place leading up to boarding the airplane and arriving at the destination. Our friends completed crafts of an airplane and the earth to represent how we can travel around the world and to remind ourselves that learning can take us anywhere! Focusing on our theme this week, we studied our country’s flag and important symbols and landmarks that can be seen when exploring North America. We are so excited to continue our journey around the world with our new friends! Next stop- Australia!    

05 Aug

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin

Winter Olympics & Rhyming Words

  • During the week of August 8, Discoveries Red Group campers will learn about and explore about the winter Olympics, as we play our own version of ‘the Games’!
  • We also look forward to studying onomatopoeias ,  identifying rhyming words, naming shapes and counting with manipulatives!
29 Jul

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin 

Olympic Onomatopoeias!

  • During the week of August 1, our Discoveries Red Group campers will learn about and explore the winter Olympics, enjoying our own version of this seasonal athletic event.
  • We also will focus on onomatopoeias and continue to identify rhyming words through our read-aloud time together.
  • Additionally, we will practice naming shapes and counting!


14 Jul

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin: 

Medals, Sportsmanship & Friendship!

  • During the week of July 18 our Discoveries: Red Group campers will continue exploring and learning about the Olympics, including creating our very own Olympic medals.
  • We will also be practicing our group songs about friendship and sportsmanship, so we will be ready  to present to our family and friends at our very first Showcase on Friday, July 22, 2016! (For more about the Showcase click here for this week’s D&A Funcast flyer.)
07 Jul

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin: 

Campers Get Interactive Next Week!

  • During the week of July 11 our Discoveries: Red Group campers will enjoy hands-on experiences to more fully appreciate the history of the Olympics, including playing interactive games that enhance gross motor skills!
  • We will also continue to practice our sign language skills as we learn a group song about friendship, with an emphasis on key words such as teamwork.
30 Jun

Discoveries: Red Group

 by Ms. Rachel Shin: 

Learning all about Rio de Janeiro!

  • We have another exciting week ahead of us at Discoveries! During the second week, we will be learning all about the Brazilian culture as this year’s Olympics takes place in Rio de Janeiro .
  • We will be learning songs about friendship and trust, attributes that are key when working as a team.
  • Our friends will also be learning the colors of Brazil’s flag and creating their own Carnival Masks to prepare for our own celebration of the annual Brazilian festival.
27 Jun


by Mrs. Stacy Carela:

Welcome! Here’s helpful information for our first week!

  • “DE Dismissal Sign”-Attached to the welcome letter, each family will receive a neon dismissal sign.  These signs will be placed on the passenger side dashboard of the cars during dismissal.  This will expedite pick-up and help identify Discoveries Campers versus Adventures.  If you would like to include the children’s names on the signs, you can write their names somewhere on the front of the card.
  • Water-Play will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • On Water Play days, send children already dressed in their bathing suits and covered with sun block.
  • Send a change of dry clothes for them to change into afterward.


27 Jun

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin:

We are thrilled to kick off the first week of Discoveries at Summer Connections!

  • We will get to know one another and our daily routines so that all of our friends are comfortable and happy to begin our summer adventure.
  • Making connections with our theme for the week, Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, we will be exploring the values of a team and the importance of sportsmanship.
  • We will learn how to play and work together to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere while having a fun time with our friends. Get ready for an exciting week at Discoveries!

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