02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

The Yellow Group had a great last week at camp! We dove into the world of fairy tales this week and had a magical time. We read many different versions of fairy tales that we already knew like a worldwide Cinderella, 3 little aliens, and a version of Little a Red Riding Hood with a big bad Lion! We examined these stories and noticed what we recognized and what was different from the original fairy tales. We made Strega Nona inspired pasta necklaces and built castles out of blocks. We also spent time acting our fairy tales! We loved getting to show our families around the camp on Wednesday!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

The yellow group had an “outta this world” week! We examined pictures of nebulas and planets and noticed how colorful they are. We used that for inspiration in creating our own nebulas and planets. Constellations were also part of the theme this week, and we read some of the stories behind the constellations and created and named our own! We learned about the cycle of the moon and made our own puffy paint to paint some moons of our own. We also learned about astronaut Mae Jemison and completed some astronaut training! We are excited for a great week six exploring the world of myths and fairy tales!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

This week the yellow group loved discovering the world of technology and coding. We learned how computers are machines that follow instructions and we practiced being computers and following instructions with games like “Computer says…”. We learned about how binary code is the language of computers and how the only numbers in it are zeros and ones. So that we could learn some binary code we made bracelets with the binary code version of our first initials! We even learned a binary code song! Patterns were also a big part of our week and we practiced making patterns with a variety of materials. The Yellow group is excited to spend next week exploring outer space!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

This week the yellow group traveled to ancient times! We talked about the word ancient and what it means (and how mommies and daddies don’t qualify as ancient). Dinosaurs were a favorite topic this week as we became paleontologists and learned about fossils. We made dinosaur skeletons out of pasta and dinosaurs with our handprints. We also explored parietal art and made our own cave paintings just like early people made. Next week we will be heading to our future world and discovering the world of coding, technology, and innovation.

03 Jul

SC 2019 Week 2 Discoveries Yellow Group Update

The Yellow Group loved exploring Our Natural World! We read books about the oceans and rainforests. We created watercolor underwater ocean scenes inspired by the art in a book we read. We also learned how all the parts of the plants work together to help the plants grow. We learned a song about it and created and labeled our own flowers. Petting Ellie the snake was especially fun this week! We can’t wait to travel back in time next week into Our Ancient World!

28 Jun

SC 2019 Week 1 Discoveries Yellow Group Update 

The Yellow Group had a great time exploring the world of transportation and structures this week! We learned some new songs, and we love the song “Driving Around”.  We examined photos of amazing buildings around the world as inspiration for the city we made in our classroom. We talked about all different kinds of transportation and created a class train, some hot air balloons, and submarines. We also talked about the vehicles that transport our community helpers around like fire trucks and police cars.

03 Aug

Yellow Discoveries

We can´t believe camp is over…we really made the best of our last week together traveling to South America to explore itś customs and traditions, especially music and dance.  The campers made maracas and examined all different types of sound using different materials to make noise.  Yellow friends finished our 6 week collaborative mural of the world, as we filled in our last continent with green tissue paper.  They were so proud of the final product!   So many friendships have flourished in the yellow group along with their creativity and imagination.  What a summer we had!  Itś not Adios, but hasta el proximo verano!

27 Jul

Yellow Discoveries

This week in yellow group, the campers explored Africa and all its beauty.  We made African jewelry and masks to wear while learning to play the drums in our amazing assembly with Mr. Robert.  Yellow group also studied Egyptś pyramids and created their very own using several different blocks, sand, and cereal.  Campers celebrated Kindness Day, and this is the perfect age to bring empathy, mindfulness, and kindness to their attention and help them cultivate these skills.  Our yellow friends discussed what it means to be a good friend and use kind words through the sense of touch to look closer. First we read Mo Williams, Should I Share My Ice Cream, then we did a short and sweet but beautiful lesson with cotton balls and sand paper.  Each cotton ball represented a kind or polite word or phrase that the campers brainstormed like ¨thank you,Iḿ sorry, Can I help you?¨ We used descriptive words to describe the way the cotton balls felt like soft, fluffy and squishy. When feeling the cotton on each otherś arms, we all agreed how nice it felt, the same way kind words make us feel.  The sandpaper represented hurtful and not so kind words which all of our yellow campers agreed did not make us feel good. The children were able to fully relate and engage, and practice these skills throughout the week. We are almost done with our tissue paper collaborative mural. We only have one continent left! Time flies when you’re having so much fun!

20 Jul

Yellow Discoveries Group

The Yellow Group had a fun visit to Europe this week! We learned about fairy tales that come from Scandinavia and Germany. We examined European architecture including Neuschwanstein Castle, the Eiffel Tower, and London’s Tower Bridge. Using giant blocks we recreated these and brought Europe to our own backyard! We even learned some words and songs in Italian, German, and French!

13 Jul

Yellow Discoveries

Discoveries yellow group was super busy this week!  We had so many countries to learn about in our BIGGEST continent, Asia.  The campers enjoyed several books on many countries, but a class favorite was Elephant Dance.  We focused on special symbols to each country and their meanings like the mandala representing unity and the cherry blossom representing beauty.  Yellow group was engaged in pattern making  while creating bright madalas out of beads, paint, and pastas.  They also made a collaborative cherry blossom murals with sticks they gathered outdoors and their fingerprints for the leaves.  The Chinese character drums of love, joy, and happiness were also a hit!  During center time, we had fun making letters and names out of play doh, building structures in Asia from blocks and cubes, and using geoboards to make letters, numbers, and shapes.  FInally, the campers worked together on our map filling in the largest continent with green tissue paper and its surrounding bodies of water with blue paper.  It was most definitely a fun filled week!  Another stamp in their passports, and weŕe off to explore Europeś fine arts and unique architectures.

06 Jul

Yellow Discoveries

G´Day Mate!  The Yellow Group had a blast hopping on the plane and traveling to Australia to explore all the different animals and their habitats.  They were engaged in learning and researching facts on the tablet, reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction books, and making crafts of Australiaś native animals:  the kangaroo, koala, echidna, and wombat. They explored “see, think, and wonder” activities in our hands on sensory center buffet which included water beads and sand.  We also enjoyed using blue and green tissue paper to fill in the land for Australia and itś surrounding waters on our collaborative world map. The campers were delighted to receive another stamp in their passports…up next, a taste of Asia!

29 Jun

Yellow Discoveries

This week Yellow Group started getting ready for our trip around the world! We talked about what we need to pack for our trip and made suitcases filled with our favorite things. We didn’t want to forget anything important! After packing we got ready to travel and talked about airports, airplanes, and other ways to get around. Lots of fun was had learning about North America and how we travel!

05 Aug

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne

Summer vs. Winter Olympics!

  • During the week of August 8, Discoveries Yellow Group campers will be talking about the events in the upcoming summer Olympics, including comparing the number of events that take place at this time as compared to the winter Olympics.
  • In addition, our campers will do some of their own Olympics-inspired physical activities, going outside to run, jump and throw!
29 Jul

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne

A Focus on Paralympics !

  • During the week of August 1, Discoveries Yellow Group campers will compare and contrast the events of the winter and summer Olympics.  We will also learn why certain sporting events take place during specific seasons!
  • In addition, campers will discuss  the Paralympics, and why  it is important for athletes of all abilities to be able to compete. To help us talk about the importance of being inclusive we will read Don’t Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin.
  • Campers will also enjoy viewing some videos of Paralympic athletes in action!
21 Jul

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne 

(Olympic) Rings and Ties, to All Parts of our World!

  • For the week of July 25, our Discoveries: Yellow Group campers will focus on the meaning of the five Olympic rings, how they represent the five inhabited continents of the world (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe) — continents united by the Olympic Games — and how the rings can inspire various projects and crafts. In addition, campers will learn about finding the five continents on maps and globes, and discussing and learning about which of our fellow campers have family ties to these other parts of our world.
  • We will also read books together, including Whoever You Are by Mem Fox and Same, Same, but Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, to help us understand and recognize that although we all may have some differences, we also have many similarities which unite all of us!
14 Jul

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne

Record-Breaking Campers!

  • During the week of July 18 our Discoveries: Yellow Group campers will be discussing what a world record is and what it means,  in certain types of sports including running, jumping, throwing, swimming, etc. — as well as talking about some of those athletes who hold those records.
  • We will also enjoy recording, setting, and breaking our own personal records in various activities!
07 Jul

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne

The Olympics, Past & Present!

  • During the week of July 11, our Discoveries: Yellow Group campers will continue to enjoy our Summer 2016 Olympics theme! Using a timeline, our campers will develop better understanding about how long ago the first Olympics took place.  Campers will consider other years as part of this research, such as the year they were born, the years of teachers’ births, the year of the invention of the car, etc.
  • We will also compare the Olympic games of the past and present, and spot the differences through the years! Our campers will see how the games have evolved, and it will be interesting to recognize which events have stood the test of time.
30 Jun

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne: 

Exploring the Globe!

  • Next week we will be talking about what a country is.  We will also be introducing the campers to maps and globes so that they can get a better idea of how big our world really is.
  • We will locate Brazil, as well as many other countries of interest, on maps and globes and compare their sizes.
  • We will capitalize on our campers’ interest in animals and their habitats by learning about the rainforest in Brazil. Some questions we will ask are:
    • What are characteristics of a rainforest?
    • What kinds of interesting animals live their?
27 Jun


by Mrs. Stacy Carela:

Welcome! Here’s helpful information for our first week!

  • “DE Dismissal Sign”-Attached to the welcome letter, each family will receive a neon dismissal sign.  These signs will be placed on the passenger side dashboard of the cars during dismissal.  This will expedite pick-up and help identify Discoveries Campers versus Adventures.  If you would like to include the children’s names on the signs, you can write their names somewhere on the front of the card.
  • Water-Play will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • On Water Play days, send children already dressed in their bathing suits and covered with sun block.
  • Send a change of dry clothes for them to change into afterward.


27 Jun

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne:

Welcome to our first week! Here’s what’s happening:

  • We will be using the three Olympic values to help build classroom and discoveries communities
  • We will think and talk about what each of the values – friendship excellence and respect – look in sound like in the Olympics and in our camp setting
  • We will be using books such as – Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness by Carol McCloud and One by Kathryn Otoshi – to facilitate our making sense of the values
  • Camp and the Olympics are also about being outdoors and participating in physical activities, so we will be outside exercising, running, jumping, throwing and so much more.  We will also use the book Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus to help us learn about and practice sportsmanship and the idea that we all have different talents, but we can all practice to get better and grow.

Welcome to D-E 360!

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