26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Music Update

This week we traveled to outer space with a rocket ship countdown song that helped us sing in time together and blast off (dance) in time with the music, moving like astronauts would on the moon. We also gave the students a chance to lead the name game we learned, getting a chance to teach their friends patterns they made so that we could keep the new beat together.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Music Update

This week we worked on building more complex rhythms with the instruments by incorporating new elements to beats we previously worked on, we then added melody, using our voices, being sure to keep time with the beats. We sang and danced to Robot Friend and Power, two futuristic themed songs.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Music Update

This week in music we explored synchronization and working with those around us to keep a steady beat, all stay in time together. We worked with dinosaur stomp a song accompanied by a dance and tried to sing at dance at different speeds and all be moving at the same time.

03 Aug

Sound of Music

Each day of our South American themed week, our campers delved into South American culture by singing songs in Spanish and practicing a song to learn all of the countries and capitals. They enjoyed using the rhythm sticks and maraca shakers to add to the beats and bring a South American feel. They also enjoyed the opportunity to have dance parties to traditional South American music.

27 Jul

Sound of Music

This week in music, Discoveries campers explored their singing voices, learned about some drums from Africa and moved to music. Adventures campers learned about different instruments from Africa, learned a couple folk songs from Ghana and tried some African drumming.

20 Jul


This week in music, Discoveries campers listened to some music from different countries in Europe, sang songs and tried new instruments. Adventures campers listened to music from different areas of Europe and talked about the differences and similarities, and then learned a folk song from Ireland called The Rattlin’ Bog.

13 Jul


This week in music, Adventures campers learned about some traditional instruments from different areas of Asia. We talked about similarities and differences between them, and listened to some national anthems from a few Asian countries.

Discoveries campers explored their singing voices, learned about new instruments, moved to music, played drums and listened to traditional music from Asia.

06 Jul


This week in Discoveries, we listened to music, sang songs, and learned about instruments and folk songs from Australia!

This week in Adventures, we learned about traditional Australian instruments, listened to music from Australia, and learned an Australian folk song!

29 Jun


This week in music, Discoveries listened to songs like This Land Is Your Land, explored their singing voices, and played some instruments!

This week in music, Adventures sang songs like This Land Is Your Land, learned about traditional North American instruments and folk music, and did listening activities to  patriotic music.

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