27 Jul

Welcome to Africa!

Africa is a beautiful continent rich in both its natural resources and its ecosystems.   This week, campers learned about the variety of animals, plants, geographical features, and traditions that call Africa home.  This was studied through literature, mapping, video clips, dramatization, and art. On Wednesday Adventurers took a trip to the United Nation in New York City and learned about how they can become peacekeepers in their home, school, community, and world.  

Africa is a vast continent of varied regions and many cultures.  It’s widely known for its gorgeous animals and their abundance in resources. The diversity of Africa and its people promotes a study of similarities and differences within a culture and an appreciation for cultural values.  Traditional African music is passed from one person to the next. One way Discoveries accomplished this is by inviting in ethnomusicologist, Robert Levin, who demonstrated the rhythm and beats native to this rich continent.

Our campers had an amazing time in Africa!  

Get your passports and suitcases ready! We are headed to South America next week, our final destination of our tour around the world!

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