06 Jul

Welcome to the land “Down Under”!

Australia is a fun country to explore with its beautiful colors, unique languages and interesting animals. What better way to learn about animals than to see them in real life?

Turtle Back Zoo came to visit our Discoveries Campers with a presentation about animals and how they protect themselves in different environments!  The zoo brought in various artifacts for the campers to explore, such as feathers, snake skin, owl pellets and turtle shells. The children had an up-close meeting with a few of Turtle Back Zoo’s animal ambassadors.  Discoveries had such an amazing time in Australia!

Adventures became Australian globetrotters this week.  Campers explored the continent by learning about the animals and people that call Australia home.  Throughout the week, the importance of conservation was discussed and on Thursday they went to the Bronx Zoo in New York City, where they took a guided tour that focused on animal adaptation!  The visit to the children’s zoo was enjoyed and the sea lions, giraffes, rhinos, and prairie dogs were amongst the campers’ favorites!

Get your passports and suitcases ready!   Shortly, our plane will be boarding for our next stop, Asia!

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