13 Jul

Yellow Discoveries

Discoveries yellow group was super busy this week!  We had so many countries to learn about in our BIGGEST continent, Asia.  The campers enjoyed several books on many countries, but a class favorite was Elephant Dance.  We focused on special symbols to each country and their meanings like the mandala representing unity and the cherry blossom representing beauty.  Yellow group was engaged in pattern making  while creating bright madalas out of beads, paint, and pastas.  They also made a collaborative cherry blossom murals with sticks they gathered outdoors and their fingerprints for the leaves.  The Chinese character drums of love, joy, and happiness were also a hit!  During center time, we had fun making letters and names out of play doh, building structures in Asia from blocks and cubes, and using geoboards to make letters, numbers, and shapes.  FInally, the campers worked together on our map filling in the largest continent with green tissue paper and its surrounding bodies of water with blue paper.  It was most definitely a fun filled week!  Another stamp in their passports, and weŕe off to explore Europeś fine arts and unique architectures.

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