27 Jul

Yellow Discoveries

This week in yellow group, the campers explored Africa and all its beauty.  We made African jewelry and masks to wear while learning to play the drums in our amazing assembly with Mr. Robert.  Yellow group also studied Egyptś pyramids and created their very own using several different blocks, sand, and cereal.  Campers celebrated Kindness Day, and this is the perfect age to bring empathy, mindfulness, and kindness to their attention and help them cultivate these skills.  Our yellow friends discussed what it means to be a good friend and use kind words through the sense of touch to look closer. First we read Mo Williams, Should I Share My Ice Cream, then we did a short and sweet but beautiful lesson with cotton balls and sand paper.  Each cotton ball represented a kind or polite word or phrase that the campers brainstormed like ¨thank you,Iḿ sorry, Can I help you?¨ We used descriptive words to describe the way the cotton balls felt like soft, fluffy and squishy. When feeling the cotton on each otherś arms, we all agreed how nice it felt, the same way kind words make us feel.  The sandpaper represented hurtful and not so kind words which all of our yellow campers agreed did not make us feel good. The children were able to fully relate and engage, and practice these skills throughout the week. We are almost done with our tissue paper collaborative mural. We only have one continent left! Time flies when you’re having so much fun!

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