29 Jun


Namaste Yoga – Week 1

Hello families! I really enjoyed meeting all of our campers this week. It was awesome to see some familiar faces. Regular Yoga promotes a healthy body through poses that strengthen and build coordination. This week in Yoga we focused on our breathing… Pranayama. When we teach breathing exercises to children, we give them lifelong tools to help them develop techniques to soothe them and self-regulate their energy. Ask your child about… Bunny Breath – “ I breathe in quick – sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff – I breathe out ocean breath slow! There we go!

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you

Ms. Madison

29 Jun

Bodies in Motion

This week in bodies and motion we played cooperative team games, which focused on throwing and catching skills. On Friday, we will be playing modified baseball type games, as it is the most popular sport in North America to keep up with this week’s theme.

29 Jun


This week in music, Discoveries listened to songs like This Land Is Your Land, explored their singing voices, and played some instruments!

This week in music, Adventures sang songs like This Land Is Your Land, learned about traditional North American instruments and folk music, and did listening activities to  patriotic music.

29 Jun

Adventures in Art

Campers made art journals with collage on Monday. They are encouraged to draw whatever they wish inside and practice drawing animals. They will take their journals home on their last day of camp.

We also created hands across America in watercolor resist. Campers partnered with their new and old friends to draw each other’s hands. They learned about warm and cool colors using lines and patterns.

On Friday, they made papel picados from

Mexico. These are cut paper flags to celebrate different holidays.

29 Jun

Art -Discoveries

This week, campers explored different symbols of the countries in North America.  Campers learned the shapes of the American flags and The United States National bird with Handprint bald eagles. Campers also learned about our neighbors to the north and made watercolor Canadian flags and paper bag beaver puppets!

29 Jun

Group 6

This week Group, 6 asked the question, “What is America?” They came up with hundreds of answers and responses.  Those answers were used to create a GIANT map that formed The United States.  Our “word-map” hangs proudly on the bulletin board outside our room.

Students also worked alone and in groups to create their own original iPad slideshows about what makes up The United States of America.  Students then presented their slideshows within the group, showing off their images, writing, and creativity. The results were amazing!

29 Jun

Group 5

Week 1 – Group 5

Group 5 student learned about the symbols that represent America: the American flag, the bald eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and the White House.   Together we read the picture books: A True Book  North America by LIbby Koponen, I Am America by Charles R. Smith Jr., and Off We Go To Mexico: An Adventure in the Sun by Laurie Krebs & Christopher Corr.  Each student made a picture graph of the American Flag, a heart-filled handprint, and a bald eagle.   During siesta we are reading Wonder and learning the importance of always choosing to be kind!  

29 Jun

Group 4

Group 4:

What an exciting week!

What is American about America?

Cars!!! In group 4 we are learning about one of America’s greatest inventions the Model T car created by Henry Ford.

With the help of Mo Rocca we are exploring the Henry Ford Innovation Nation through a virtual field trip!

Please stop by to see some of the great American Cars we are studying in our “Abandon Cars Exhibit”

Thank You,
Group 4

29 Jun

Group 3

The children in Group 3 had an amazing start to their trip around the world! Receiving their first passport stamp in North America, included gaining fun new facts about some of the 23 countries in the continent. Students learned about many patriotic symbols and created a hand-stamped Statue of Liberty. Group 3 also investigated rocks and minerals. They sorted their collections by size, shape, color, and texture. This hands-on in class activity had them prepared to explore Sterling Mineral Mine. Students enjoyed the tour of the mine and collecting ore. It was wonderful to see what they have studied come to life. Using the globe and reading text during Interdisciplinary Themed Instruction also made Group 3’s North America visit so excited. We can’t wait to travel again next week!

29 Jun

Group 2

Red, White, Blue…and Group Two!

We kicked off our worldwide tour this week close to home, in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Students learned about our nation’s symbols and we’ve started getting to know one another, discovering that although we are all different, we have many things in common. Now, THAT is what makes

America great!

29 Jun

Group 1

Group 1 campers engaged in fun greetings with one another as we began to learn each other’s names. We had a blast getting to know each other and the children were smiling as they moved from class to class.

We learned about national landmarks through a Time For Kids magazine. Each child received their very own magazine and were encouraged to explore the U.S.A. through colorful illustrations. We watched a Let’s Find Out video about American symbols which helped connect the information discussed with the campers.

Group 1 campers were fascinated by facts about the bald eagle. We read non-fiction books and created eagles by tracing each child’s foot for the body and hands for the wings.

29 Jun

Blue Discoveries

With passports in hand, we kicked off our summer journey by meeting our fellow travelers and making new friends. We sang songs and read stories that centered around this theme. Then, we were off! We packed our suitcase, created our own personalized planes and studied facts about the world in order to prepare for our first stop to North America.

Along the way, we had a visit from a local geologist. He shared his very special collection of rocks, minerals, and gems. We then studied the earth’s land formations as we learned about continents. Next, we were ready to pinpoint North America on a map. We brought our learning down to earth as we explored American symbols and landmarks through our emergent readers.

In terms of early literacy skills, we tried our hand at writing a new fact we learned about our planet and then shared that fact with the class. With math, we started practicing some basic calendar skills related to sequencing and number sense.

Australia, here we come!

29 Jun

Yellow Discoveries

This week Yellow Group started getting ready for our trip around the world! We talked about what we need to pack for our trip and made suitcases filled with our favorite things. We didn’t want to forget anything important! After packing we got ready to travel and talked about airports, airplanes, and other ways to get around. Lots of fun was had learning about North America and how we travel!

29 Jun

Red Discoveries

The Red Group kicked off our adventure in Discoveries by getting to know our new friends and traveling to North America together. Our friends practiced greeting one another, sharing our thoughts and excitement about the day, and singing songs during Morning Meeting. We listened to read alouds and learned about traveling with passports and on airplanes to see different parts of the world. We read a story that gave us the opportunity to explore the airport and the events that take place leading up to boarding the airplane and arriving at the destination. Our friends completed crafts of an airplane and the earth to represent how we can travel around the world and to remind ourselves that learning can take us anywhere! Focusing on our theme this week, we studied our country’s flag and important symbols and landmarks that can be seen when exploring North America. We are so excited to continue our journey around the world with our new friends! Next stop- Australia!    

29 Jun

Director & Assistant Director’s Blog

This summer our theme will take our campers around the world.  With passports in hand, Camp Discoveries and Adventures became North American Explorers during this first week.  As a camp, we celebrated the U.S.A. by wearing red, white, and blue on Theme Thursday and by singing “Grand Ole Flag” and “This Land is Your Land” during our morning gathering.  Many classes explored the continent by studying the symbols, places, and people that make the United States of America such a fantastic place to be! Campers in Adventures had a wonderful time at the Sterling Mineral Mines in Ogdensburg, New Jersey where they took a guided tour through an actual mine!  They were amazed with the rocks that glow under fluorescent light and were able to collect their own rock samples that represented the three types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Campers in Discoveries had a geologist visit and share his collection of rocks. For three days, Harry Singer taught our campers what geologist do and what a mineral is. They looked inside geodes, observed fossils and trilobites, and created “dinosaur” footprints in clay.  On the last day, they were able to take home an amethyst and a shark’s tooth!

It has been an exciting first week here in Discoveries!  Our theme this summer will take children on a journey around the world!  Each continent has something different to share: dancing, crafts, culinary activities, and music too!  Each camper has received their very own passport and at the end of each week,  they will add a stamp, for the country they visited.  We started our continent exploration with North America.  How many oceans border North America? Where is North America? What is the size of the continent? How many countries in North America? What is the geography like? The campers discovered the answers to these interesting questions and learned cool fun facts and trivia about this amazing place. Get your passports and suitcases ready!  Shortly, our plane will be boarding for our next stop to Australia!

26 Jun

Missing Health Forms?!

For the health & safety of your child, please complete the required Medical or Health forms shown below prior to your child’s first day of camp.

Questions or Concerns?
Contact Holly Alasio, Director of Health
201-227-3144 Option 2


25 Jun

Welcome to Summer 2018!


Join us this summer
Welcome to Summer 2018!

Check out below for more information on starting your summer!

Looking for more classes? Hurry, limited spaces still available!

Register TODAY: de360.d-e.org/summer


Discoveries & Adventures and Junior Summer Day Camp (Campers in Preschool – Grade 4)

Dear Families,

Welcome to Summer Connections (SC) 2018! We are looking forward to an exciting and engaging summer full of fun and exploration! Our faculty and staff are eager to meet our newest campers and welcome back our SC family. We hope to make your child’s transition into the summer program a smooth one. This summer will be filled with adventures in art, music, movement, sports, culture, and memories for years to come! We can’t wait to get started!

Week 1 (June 25 – June 29) we will be learning about North America as part of our Passports around the World program.

For drop-off and pick-up information, schedules, and more click here.

Warmest regards,

Ms. Lisa Brown, Director of Discoveries and Adventures
Mrs. Stacy Carela, Co-Director of Discoveries and Supervisor of After-Care

Enrichment, Scholars & Immersives Campers

Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Drop-off and pick-up take place at Upper Campus, near Umpleby Hall. Please do not drop off before 8:00 AM. For the first day of each week, there are new parents discovering our campus. We advise you leave a few extra minutes to navigate the campus.

  • Parking is available in the lots on Upper Campus.
  • Please click here for a campus map.
  • Please review all procedures with the person who is responsible for picking up and dropping off your child.

Help us keep our campers safe. Enrichment, Scholars and Immersives Families are asked to enter campus from our N. Woodland entrance. It is important to know we strongly discourage the drop-off of children on the public streets, especially the southern side of E. Palisade Ave. or N. Woodland St. The safety of our students are our utmost priority; crossing busy streets to enter campus during morning hours in particular is a concern. And we suggest parents/guardians to allow for a bit of extra time and patience during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up of your children throughout the summer here at the D-E SummerConnections program.

Campus Map, Classrooms & Fields Location Details

  • The campus map will help you to locate buildings and/or fields: click here to view. Please note, the Dwight- Englewood School campus is currently undergoing construction. There are signs and lamppost banners throughout the campus to direct you to the correct buildings.
  • Classrooms and fields location information for all classes can be found by clicking here.

Food: On-campus food purchasing is available in Klein Campus Center (ground floor) located in the Wharton Lessin Dining Hall (cafeteria) for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Students may also pack their own food.

Click here for menu.

Click here for our FAQ page.

Health & Safety Tips

Make sure all your required Health & Medical Forms are completed for all campers. To access and complete these Forms please LogIn to the D-E360° Summer Connections Campbrain system: click here. Forms must be up to date, completed, and submitted online or to the D-E ° SC Office by the time your child arrives on campus. All forms are necessary, even if your child attends D-E during the school year. If your child requires medication during the day, please indicate that on the medical forms that must be signed by your child’s physician. Do not send any medication to camp with your child. Please contact the Health Director, Holly Alasio, regarding procedures for medication administration. To reach the Director of Health to discuss any SIGNIFICANT ISSUES, you can call (201) 227-3144 option 2. If you have medications that should be administered during the day, please fill out the “Permission to Treat” Form.

  • Please apply sunscreen at home each morning and/or pack sunscreen with your camper(s) before Drop-off.
  • Stay hydrated! Water stations and drinking fountains are located throughout the campus.
  • Questions? Call Holly Alasio, our Director of Health, at 201-227-3144, option 2.

Share Your Summer Stories!

We want to be a part of your Summer ‘18 experience! Don’t forget to share your summer experience with us!

  • Tag us on your instagram photos at @desummerconnections
  • Tag us on your facebook posts at Dwight-Englewood School
  • Share your photos with us by emailing them to de360comm@d-e.org

More Questions?

  • Visit de360.d-e.org/summertips
  • Ask any D-E 360° Summer Connections teacher or staff member, or “blueshirt” Teaching Assistants and Counselors. We are here to help!
20 Jun

1 Week Away & Counting!

Join us this summer
1 Week Away & Counting!

D-E 360° Summer Connections 2018 is June 25 – August 3!

An exceptional day camp located on the beautiful Dwight-Englewood School campus, with hundreds of Enrichment, Immersive, Scholar offerings. Explore “Passports Around the World” with our Discoveries, Adventures & Junior Summer Day Camp for our youngest campers.

Hurry, limited space available in some courses!

Sports Enrichment: Game On!

Pick from 1- to 3-week or all 6 weeks of “a la carte” Enrichment sports offerings. Featuring top-notch coaches from Durkan Fencing, TS2 Basketball, and more. Hurry, limited space available: Register by June 20! Call 201-227-3144 or Learn more & Register online today: click here!

Under the Sea: Marine Biology Immersive!

The world is your ocean! Enjoy hands-on activities covering the region’s vital coastal habitats as well as a broad range of important marine and freshwater biology topics. Call 201-227-3144 or Learn more & Register online today: click here.

STEM Challenge Immersive!

Calling all engineers and problem solvers! Students will work in project teams to complete a STEM challenge based on a selected theme. Students will learn and apply skills such as coding, 3D modeling, electronics, and design thinking to solve a problem that is both authentic and personally meaningful. The course will take place in the newly-constructed Hajjar STEM Center, and students will be using the best tools on the planet for learning electronics and design. Call 201-227-3144 or Learn more & Register online today: click here.

Entrepreneurs Academy Immersive!

This week-long academy is designed for the business minded as well as the social entrepreneur. The academy covers full introductory courses in business planning, marketing & financing, and business management. Call 201-227-3144 or Learn more & Register online today: click here.

Hurry, limited space available for these and all Summer 2018!

Register by June 20! Call 201-227-3144 or visit de360.d-e.org/summer
08 May

Summer 2018: The Clock is Ticking

Join us this summer
Summer 2018: The Clock is Ticking

Spring is here, Summer’s around the corner!

Enrich your summer with D-E 360° Summer Connections! An exceptional day camp for Preschool – Grade 12, June 25 – August 3, 2018.

Academic Enrichment for Grades 5+ in English, math, and other core subjects help students bolster their skills and confidence.

Our Scholars program includes College test prep with CATES Tutoring, and prepares high school scholars for the fall.

Select from amazing ‘a la carte’ Enrichment courses in arts, athletics, business entrepreneurship, cooking, STEM, and more further enhance your experience. Courses available from 1 – 6 weeks in duration!

Discoveries & Adventures for our youngest campers in Preschool – Grade 4 includes “Passports around the World”! Campers will learn about continents around the globe, from Africa and Europe to Central, North, and South America, exploring what affects everyday life on Earth.

Hurry, space is limited! Register online or schedule a summer campus tour today: de360.d-e.org