Summer Connections

Information about D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) 2019 is coming soon! Until then, get a sense of our program in action, including highlights from SC 2018 last year: click here for Summer Notes, our e-newsletter.

Learn Boldly with D-E 360° Summer Connections!

Dear Families,

We invite you to “Learn Boldly” with us this summer! At D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC), there is something for everyone, from preschoolers to high schoolers!

In the Discoveries, Adventures, & Junior Camp program for our youngest campers (age 3 through Grade 4), campers are engaged in exciting weekly themed age-appropriate activities that fully engage them in learning about our world. There are a multitude of fun ‘a la carte’ Enrichment offerings for students in Grades 5-12, and the Scholars program is targeted at high school students who want academic advancement and college test prep. Meanwhile, our Immersives offerings are an elevated option for those students in Grades 2-12 who want to pursue their passions on a more in-depth, intensive basis over 1-, 2-, or 3-week time periods.

We are the only program in the region that allows campers through our Enrichment program (Grades 5-9) to build a summer schedule that uniquely taps into their personal interests.  Each week, Enrichment campers may select from a catalog of offerings that cover a myriad of fun topics from athletics and cooking to debate and engineering.  Our Immersive programs are also an opportunity for campers to delve into topics for self exploration and development.  Master-level teachers engage students in a collaborative environment to provide experiential learning that will lay the foundation for further exploration beyond summer.

Over past summers, we introduced STEM Challenge, Entrepreneurs Academy, and Young Visionaries for budding artists all of which will continue this season.  Our String Society program, now in its 12th year, continues to expand, offering exceptional string students a range of private lessons, small ensemble, and full orchestral learning workshops.

Fill out a quick inquiry ( form and we’ll send you specific information for D-E 360° SC 2019. We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Sherronda Brown, Ed.D.

Director of D-E 360°, Dwight-Englewood School

D-E 360° SC is ACA Accredited!

D-E 360° SC is a member of the American Camp Association (ACA). We are proud to be accredited by the ACA!  This means we have met more than 300 standards for health, safety and programming quality.  Accreditation by the ACA is a voluntary yet rigorous process.  To learn more visit

Accreditation for Dwight-Englewood School  is provided by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.


Registration and Enrollment

Registration for all D-E 360° SC programs is available online through our D-E 360° SC online registration page: click here or go to:

All D-E 360° SC offerings must meet minimum enrollment numbers by June 1, 2018 for the classes to proceed.  Early registration is encouraged and allows us to guarantee Summer Connections offerings at earlier dates, as soon as enrollment is sufficient.  A $225 non-refundable deposit must be submitted at the time of registration.  Note: grade levels refer to the grade the child will enter in September 2018. Please complete all sections of the registration in their entirety. Complete registrations also include a non-refundable $75 application fee per camper. Payment for the courses/programs for which you are registering must be paid in full ten days prior to the start date.   You will be set up with a username and password so you can return to the registration form at any time. Families that register more than one camper from their immediate family (e.g. brother, sister) will receive a discount of 5% per additional camper* and will be applied at registration check out. (*Limited to 3 siblings/discount applied to the lowest tuition.)

Enrollments are limited and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If an offering does not meet the minimum enrollment, it may be canceled. Registrants will be contacted via email and asked to select another offering or refund will be given. Payment can be made by credit card through the online registration system, Campbrain. Checks or cash payment will be accepted in the D-E 360° SC Office; however registration will not be complete until full payment is received.  Checks are made payable to Dwight-Englewood School.  Note that there are additional textbook costs for academic courses offered through the Academic Enrichment and Scholars Programs.  Textbooks are sold on site, but they also may be purchased from any vendor.  The textbook title, ISBN and author/publisher will be provided at the time of registration for academic courses. In the cases where there are fees for other course materials or special field trips, the fee amount is provided along with the cost of the course/program in the course descriptions provided.  Confirmation of registration will be emailed when payment is processed. Any additional information about Summer Connections including confirmation of schedules, camp procedures and policies will be sent one week prior to the start of the program.

Enrollment will close one (1) week prior to the first day of a scheduled class/program or once maximum enrollment is reached; early registration is encouraged because availability for every class/program is not guaranteed.  Once the maximum enrollment in a class/program is reached, it will be closed to new registrants. In addition, completed medical forms are due before a student can be admitted into any classroom. Those students who do not have all their paperwork on file will not be able to start any classes/programs. Upon request, I-20s for D-E 360° SC programs will be issued to non-US citizens when full payment of tuition and fees is made. The School reserves the right to cancel or change the time of any course; students will not be penalized if the course is canceled. In the event of cancellation, the D-E 360° SC staff will work to ensure placement into alternate courses. Tuition and fee refunds will only be issued in the event that a class/program is canceled by Dwight-Englewood School.

Enrollment for the D-E 360° SC program is open to all students. The program provides a variety of opportunities for students in preschool (Pre-K) through Grade 12 from public, parochial, and independent schools. A combination of introductory, enrichment, and advancement courses in a number of academic disciplines, the arts, and athletics, allows for diversity of study. The  D-E 360° SC faculty is comprised of Dwight-Englewood School teachers and carefully selected educators from other schools. Small class sizes ensure opportunities for personal attention and the academic progress of each student. At D-E 360° SC, a part of the experience provided by the school is to set behavioral expectations clearly and to help students learn to follow these expectations.

What You Can Expect from D-E 360° SC Camps and Classes

When your child attends a D-E 360° SC program at Dwight-Englewood School, you can expect a safe, caring, supportive, educational environment that fosters independence and a desire to learn in all participants. Knowing that all children need support to be successful, we do our best to accommodate all children who are interested in our programs.

While we offer top-notch programs, we may not be the best program or have the right supports in place for all children, especially those requiring special medical, behavioral, or social support. Please contact us with questions about whether D-E 360° SC programs offer the right experience and supports for your child. Email us at

What our D-E 360° SC Community expects from Campers and Students

We expect that all participants will demonstrate care, respect, and responsibility at all times while with us. We expect participants to exhibit self-control, to be nice to others, and to follow simple instructions.  Disciplinary actions are seen as educational rather than simply punitive. In the event of inappropriate actions by a participant at camp, a warning will be issued. If the action continues, the child will sit out of the on-going activity and a parent/guardian will be notified.  Fighting; swearing; disrespect to a director, faculty, staff member, or another child; abusive language; physical abuse; stealing, etc., are actions contrary to D-E 360° SC behavior goals and will be looked upon as cause for termination with no refund of fees.  All participants are expected to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the current Dwight-Englewood School’s Lower, Middle, and/or Upper School Handbook(s),  all of which may be found online at Hard copies of these handbooks will be made available upon request.


Food is provided on campus through FLIK Dining Services, which provides food to Dwight-Englewood School during the academic year.  We have two dining halls: one in Drapkin Hall for younger campers that will serve hot food and provide snacks and the other in the Wharton Lessin Dining Hall (in Klein Campus Center) for Scholars, Enrichment, and Immersive participants.  Hot lunch as well as bag lunches are included in the price for those students in the Discoveries, Adventures and full-day Immersive Programs. All other students as well as faculty and staff must either purchase their meals for a few dollars a day or bring their own lunch. For families’ convenience, D-E 360° SC offers a prepaid account option for campers to purchase lunch and snacks through the online registration process. The average cost of meals and snacks over the course of one week is $55. The minimum deposit in a pre-paid account is $30. For more information, please contact the D-E 360° SC Office: Email or call 201-227-3144.  Please note, rates are subject to change.  Questions? Contact the SC Office at 201-227-3144


Hours for the Dwight-Englewood School Middle and Upper School campus (for Enrichment, Immersive, and Scholars campers) begin at 8:00 AM and on the Lower School campus (for Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Camp campers) begin at 8:15 AM. To ensure supervision, students should not arrive earlier than this time. The library and cafeteria will open at 7:45 AM for all Middle and Upper School students arriving before class begins. After class, students may wait to be picked up outside Umpleby Hall. Please inform the office if your child cannot be picked up by 3:45 PM and needs to register for AfterCare, which is open to children in any age group. Repeated lateness when picking up students will result in an additional $45 late fee or dismissal from D-E 360° SC.

Campus Access / Closed Campus Policy

Our D-E 360° SC “closed campus” policy means that visitors are not permitted on our campus during our summer programs. Any exception to this policy must be arranged in advance. Students are not permitted to leave the campus for any reason other than program-sponsored activities while attending D-E 360° SC. Students leaving the campus without permission from the Director will be expelled.

Construction & Building/Bridge(s) Maintenance

D-E School construction and regular building/bridge(s) maintenance work projects are underway this Summer 2019. Parents/guardians are asked to please pay careful attention in particular during Drop-off and Pick-up for traffic flow changes that may occur as a result.

Course Credit

Credit is awarded by Dwight-Englewood School in terms of units. Six units are the equivalent of one Carnegie credit and are awarded to major courses that meet five days a week during the regular academic year. Three units are the equivalent of ½ Carnegie credit and are awarded to minor courses that meet two or three times a week during the regular academic year. If a student wishes to receive credit for summer work, prior approval by that student’s principal or guidance counselor is necessary. Course descriptions and syllabi for advancement courses are available upon request.

Refund Policy

There are no prorated fees or refunds for campers arriving after the start of the session, leaving before its completion, or missing any time during camp. D-E 360° SC fees are non-transferable. Refunds will be made only with the presentation of a medical rejection slip or a doctor’s certificate before the camper is scheduled to attend camp.

Schedule Changes

For Enrichment students, once a class has begun, schedule changes may only be made by the end of the first day.  Our Operations Team, located in the Imperatore Library, is available to help students make different selections.  

“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Designated Courses

Technology has become part of our program’s culture in all classrooms. Over the years, we have had an ever-increasing number of requests for students to bring their own devices to D-E 360° SC.  Since our goal is for all teachers to integrate authentic use of technology in classrooms, we are encouraging students to bring technology to D-E 360° SC for educational purposes.

Students in classes designated as BYOD will be expected to bring a laptop that meets minimum requirements or any brand Chromebook. A tablet with keyboard is also acceptable, but we find that the mobile platforms of these devices limit the functionality in some learning activities. Students who enroll in courses designated BYOD must identify during the registration process whether they commit to bringing a personal device to D-E 360° SC or whether they would need to have the program supply a device for the course.

Students may bring any brand Chromebook. The Chromebook MUST have wireless internet to function. They may also bring a PC laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, and minimum 4 GB RAM of memory.  Antivirus protection is the owner’s responsibility. We currently allow Apple laptops purchased within the last three years. Although iPads and other model tablets are convenient for most purposes, the mobile apps do not provide some of the features needed in class.

Health & Safety

Summer is a great time for our campers, especially those in Grades 5-12,  to explore their passions and interests beyond the norm of the classroom experience.  Our programs, which include everything from gardening to crafts to electronics, provide direct hands-on learning for our D-E 360° SC participants. The safety and security of all our campers is of the utmost concern.  We hope you can help us by speaking with your child(ren) about what they might encounter while they are with us.


Shoes for all D-E 360° Summer Connections campers should be strong, safe, and easily tied or buckled. Flat shoes and sneakers are acceptable but must be laced and tied at all times. For our youngest campers in our Adventures, Discoveries, and Junior Summer Day Camp programs, shoes with heels, wedges, or platforms and/or wheels, including Crocs and flip-flops, are not allowed for safety reasons. On Water Play days for campers in Adventures, Discoveries, and Junior Summer Day Camp,  water shoes should be worn.

Tools, Equipment & Materials

Many of our offerings involve working with tools, equipment, and materials that may be new to some students.   Our D-E 360° SC faculty/teaching assistants provide instruction and supervision to ensure Students are using this equipment and materials as safely as possible.   In the event of injury, our D-E 360° SC Director of Health is available to assist.


Photos (images) become the property of D-E 360° SC / Dwight-Englewood School upon signing the application. Permission is granted for images to be taken of all students and used for promotional materials.