Summer 2024

Traditional Day Camp | Preschool – Grade 5 | 3 Two Week Cohorts | June 24 – August 2

Choose 2, 4, or all six weeks!

Discoveries Program | Preschool 3Y & Preschool 4Y

Designed to foster independence and creativity, our D-E 360° Team provides a stimulating environment for early learners. Children practice important life skills like listening, friendship making, sharing, helping. Campers experience great joy in learning as they are introduced to elements of camp such as story time, sensorial activities, arts, crafts, music, and movement. 

Each week, new themes lead children to discover and explore basic concepts in science, math, music, language arts, geography, and other areas.

Nutritious snacks and lunches are provided throughout the day.  Summer Discoveries participants must be potty trained.

Adventures Program | Grades K-5

The Adventures Program at Dwight-Englewood School is a full-day program (8:30 AM – 2:30 PM).  Six Weeks of Wonder that will take fun explorations to new places. Summer Adventures guides students through a variety of activities that focus upon building individual initiative and group participation. Activities include interdisciplinary theme-based enrichment experiences in STEM, sports and related arts.

Sports Camp with à la carte options | Grades 3-9

Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Tennis and Universal Skills Training

Basketball Camp June 24-July 3 | Grades 3-8

This is a focused basketball program where players will be challenged physically and mentally. We develop and enhance not only the essential skills of the game but also develop the player’s overall basketball I.Q. Repetition is key! Improvements occur by repeating drills over and over until one masters them.  In addition, participants will be working with their coaches on individual video analysis of their performance.

Soccer/Fútbol Camp July 8-19 | Grades 3-8

How do you define yourself as a soccer player? The camp’s goal is to develop the players skills to the next level of competitive soccer while building confidence and enjoyment for the beautiful game of Soccer/ Futbol. Individualized, age appropriate instruction will be provided by experienced high level coaches in the area. The full-day experience that focuses on daily skills necessary for success within the game. Participants will leave camp with intentional written, tangible, visual soccer specific learning tools.

Tennis Camp July 8 – 12 | Grades 6-12 

This summer, D-E 360° is offering a one-week outdoor summer program, Monday through Friday from 8:30-11:00 AM, for players 11 years and older who already have had tennis experience.  There will be a limited number of spots for the tennis training program at D-E, and each camper will be evaluated and placed according to their age and ability.

2-4-1 Sports Camp: Universal Skills Training | July 22 – August 2 | Grades PreK – 8 

At 2-4-1 Dwight-Englewood, children have the opportunity to sample multiple sports and learn for themselves how playing one sport increases their ability and confidence in another. While many specialty camps are filled with laps, lines and lectures – at 2-4-1 we focus on getting kids moving and playing all day. All attendees play at least 3 sports each day and we encourage all campers to try at least one sport they’ve never tried before. “Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport” is more than a tagline for us — it’s a cultural shift that drives our programs to help families recognize that a lifelong love of activity starts with a diverse, play-filled childhood.

Specialized Immersives, Clinics and Master Classes | Grades 5+

Something for everyone!

String Society: Masterclasses in Orchestra for students in Grades 5+  (June 24 – June 28)

April Audition by video Required 

We’re looking forward to performing live with you this summer! Cultivate your musicianship skills and connect your passion for performing with a side-by side experience with sought-after international performing artists.  

We’re excited to announce that Ani Kalayjian and Ella Heifetz will be Co-artistic directing String Society for 2024.  Both directors have worked with String Society each summer since its inception.

Participants will have the opportunity to share a solo piece in the performance class and gain insights into various musical topics in the seminar workshop. The week will culminate in the Grand Finale Concert on Friday, June 28, which will feature the students and faculty performing various chamber orchestra pieces and is open to family and friends.

Chess Masters: Chess Camp (June 24 – June 28)  

Chess is an intriguing game of strategy. The true Masters spend a lifetime learning new tactics. Working with D-E’s Chess Team Coach, Grandmaster Mac Molner, you will spend a week learning the rules, board, and strategies for openings, middle, and end games. There will be ample opportunity to practice and play opponents of a variety of skill levels.

By the end, you will have plenty of practice in playing chess, thinking critically, and planning strategy to tackle intracamp scrimmages. Participants in Chess Masters are invited to return to campus in August for a rated tournament.

Farm to Fork | June 24 – July 3 | Grades 6-10

We’re bringing to campus the four pillars of farm-to-table cuisine with our Farm-to-Fork cooking class. Students will learn about how to access locally-sourced ingredients to make recipes that promote environmental, economic, social and nutritional health. The Course will bring in experts on different aspects of cooking, including kitchen skills as well as gardening. Participants will work with made-from-scratch recipes in the Food Lab, and learn from experts among our D-E STEM faculty about food science, gardening and food handling techniques. Students will enjoy a sit-down tasting at the end of each class day.

Blue Shirts, Leaders-in-Training | 3 Cohorts | June 24 – July 3, July 8-19, July 22 – Aug 2 

Our Camp Counselors, aka “Blue Shirts” have been the source of inspiration for so many Summer Connections campers for more than 25 years.  We’re excited to extend an opportunity to build a pipeline of new counselors with a Leaders-in-Training program, which is tailored to allow middle-schoolers to become more familiar with leadership roles at camp and to develop the skills necessary to become our future “Blue Shirts”, all while having tons of BOLD summer fun!

String Society: Masterclass in Orchestra

For students in Grades 5+ , June 24 – June 28

April Audition by video Required 

Chess Masters: Chess Camp

Grades 3+, June 24. -June 28

Cooking: Farm to Fork

For Students in Grades 7-10 | June 24 – July 3

Blue Shirts, Leaders in Training (LIT)

For Students in Grades 7-9 | June 24 – July 9, July 8 – 19, July 22 – Aug 2

STEM Leadership: Water Challenges from Research to Regattas

For Students in Grades 7-10,  July 22 – August 2

Young Visionaries: Pop Art & Architecture for students in Grades 6-9 (July 8-July 19)

We’re delighted for the return of Young Visionaries  classes on campus this summer.  In this exciting two-week immersive, participants will explore a wide variety of artistic mediums, design tools, and thought provoking subject matter.  They will also have the opportunity to meet an established guest architect and engage in daily artist presentations from visual arts faculty and TA’s.

The workshops provided in the immersive will bring students a combination of lessons in art-making techniques, design thinking, and the development of creative and innovative ideas.  In the ‘Architecture: Design and Transformation’ course students will learn about green and sustainable architecture, as well as the impact of architecture on communities around the world. 

STEM Leadership: Challenges from Research to Regattas | July 22-August 2 | Grades 6-10

We’re going outside this summer for environmental research studies. Participants engage in activities in a breadth of topics such as ecology, biology, atmospheric science, soil science, geology, botany, engineering, and chemistry using nearby waterways as our green laboratory.  They will then identify an area in which to delve deeply into their own field research or activism

Specialized Scholar Classes

For all our writers & coders!

Introduction to Programming with Python | July 8-July 19 | Grades 9-11

A dynamic two-week program designed to introduce you to the exciting world of programming using Python! Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some basic coding knowledge, this course will equip you with fundamental skills and ignite your passion for coding. Topics covered will include algorithmic thinking, variables and data types, loops and conditional statements, functions, data structures, files, and graphics.

Introduction to Programming with Java | July 22- Aug 2| Grades 9-11

An intensive two-week course designed to introduce students to the Java programming language! The course will cover everything from the fundamental syntax of the Java language all the way up to the powerful object-oriented programming paradigm and the subtleties of inheritance. This course is designed to thoroughly prepare students for Advanced Placement Computer Science in addition to introducing them to algorithm development and problem-solving techniques. We will cover most of the AP curriculum in 10 days. Students who take both the Python Introduction and this course will be ultra-prepared for most programming courses. Note: Dwight-Englewood students must have approval from the Mathematics Department for this course to be used for placement purposes.

Written Out Loud: Become a Published Author| July 8-July 19 | Grades 6-7, 8-9

This course targets techniques and strategies needed to improve written communication. We’ve partnered with Written Out Loud (WOL),  to teach participants the working methods of some of the greatest screenwriters that ever lived. Students have the opportunity to work in the style of Hollywood studio writers  to develop a personal voice through the spoken word construction of fiction, nonfiction, and a memoir.

Theatre Immersive | “Into the Woods” | 2-Week Program | July 22 – August 2 | Grades 3-9

For all our young thespians!

This Summer Connections production of Into The Woods,JR. provides participants with a firsthand experience of putting on a musical Theatre performance. This Musical Theatre Immersive is ideal for aspiring actors, singers, and dancers as well as students interested in technical Theatre.

AfterCamp | June 24 – August 2

For that extra fun in the sun!

For many of our summer participants, AfterCamp is the “cherry on top” of an already great experience.  Students build strong relationships with one another in AfterCamp as there is great freedom for them to express choice in their activities.  Students enjoy a nutritious snack, planned and organized sports and activities such as cooking, crafting and fiber arts, as well as the use of our library facilities. With so much offered, campers are creatively engaged.